Support the Giant’s tilt for the 2019 premiership

While the Sydney Swans failed to make the finals this year for the first time in 8 years, the Giants are still in the hunt for the premiership.

Their first final is coming up at GIANTS Stadium against the Bulldogs on Sat 7th Sept, they want us to help turn the GIANTS Stadium Orange

Tickets can be purchased via the Ticketmaster website. Giants members can purchase from 9am – 1pm Thursday 29th Aug. General Public go on sale from 2pm Thursday 29th Aug .

Giants Stadium
Week 1AdultConcJuniorFamily
Category 1$93$70$28$185
Category 2$76$57$23$152
Category 3$61$46$18$122
Category 4$35$25$10$70
Restricted view$35$25$10$70

The Week Ahead 7th – 13th August

7th August 5pm Youth Girls training @ Blackman synthetic.

8th August 5pm Youth Boys and Girls training @ Blackman B3/B4

Friday 9th August:


Sunday 11th August:

Blackman Park (Synthetic)

09:00 U8 Gala Day Pool B

Blackman Park (Steve Chisholm Oval)

08:30 U8 Gala Day Pool A

11:00 Lane Cove/North Ryde U11 Menegola vs Lane Cove/North Ryde U11 Fyfe

12:15 Lane Cove Cats U12 Duncan vs Pittwater Tigers Dusty U12-2

ELS Hall



08:00 U9 Gala Day @ Glover St Oval

10:00 U10 Gala Day @ Alan Border Oval

09:30 U10YG Gala Day @ Gore Hill Oval

12:00 Balgowlah Suns Red U12YG vs Lane Cove Cats U12YG Swanson @ Balgowlah Oval

14:40 Balgowlah Suns Blue U14YG vs Lane Cove Cats U14YG McWilliams @ Balgowlah Oval

12:15 Willoughby Wildcats U13-3 vs North Ryde/ Lane Cove U13 @ Gore Hill Oval

North Ryde/Lane Cove U14-2 Bye

Coming Up

Presentation Day Sunday 8th September from 11am

Junior Presentation Day

We will be holding our team presentations this Sunday 8 September at the Longueville Sporting Club (The Diddy). Proceedings will commence at 11:00am.

All team awards (best & fairest, coaches award etc) will be presented on the day, plus a few club awards. The Diddy’s kitchen will be open for lunch, and probably have a few fun games of footy on the green.

The schedule will be as follows:

  • President’s Welcome
  • Sponsors presentation
  • Team Coaches & Managers to Present Individual Awards
  • Presentation of Brumley Award (best player in finals series)
  • Presentation of Gillard Award (best club person)
  • GWS-Giants “Lane Cove Cats Club Person of the Year” Medallion
  • Closing Remarks

We plan to be all wrapped up by 1:30pm.

Return your guernsey

We would ask that all players bring their Lane Cove Cats guernsey and shorts, preferably washed and in a bag labelled with your name.

Donate your used boots

If your son or daughter has also grown out of their footy boots, also bring them along. We plan to donate all boots collected to disadvantages members of the community via registered charities.

Match Report Round 14: Lane Cove Cats Swanson U12YG vs Forest Lions Maroon U12YG Sunday 4th August

Firstly thanks to all the U10 girls who raced back to Blackman Park from their game to help us out with numbers. We had to postpone the start time 30 minutes to accomodate their late arrival, but it was really welcome as without it we would have forfeited the game. Thanks Isabel, Celeste, Emi & Jasmine.

Genevieve H also turned up in a Mrs Incredible outfit and the face mask to boot. Woohoo I thought super human powers are on our side today.

It was the second last game of the season, it was a hot winters afternoon and I think the team reflected a long season thats nearly over in their performance. Having said that there were plenty of positives to come out of the day.

The team’s tackling was fierce and the practice during the week absolutely helped in our strong efforts. When given an opportunity every girl in the team relished the opportunity to stick a tackle and gain possession. We have joked about Sami Z’s technique, but I saw a significant improvement in her ability to grab her opponent and bring her to the ground.

This year we have focused on possessing the ball with handballs instead of kicks down the ground. Eliza and Lily in the middle are the perfect example of always passing the ball out to their team mate who is in a better position. This week though we saw some fantastic play from Jeannie N and Lexie P in the forward line. They were looking for a team mate first and more often than not the ball found the target.

The team ran hard. It was hot and late in the day, but that didn’t stop them chasing after anything that moved. Without Grace in the middle I thought we might lack some speed, but Lizzy Y made up for this, always taking on the defence and moving the ball forward. I thought at one stage Maia K was going for another run and bounce goal, but the ball went the other way. The important thing was that Maia was in a position to receive the incoming kick or hand ball, always running in to space.

On a last note, at training 2 weeks ago we practiced kicking or hand passing to a team mate and then following up down the field to take possession again. The key message here is that when you kick the ball your involvement is not finished. I may embellish this a little but to see this practice drill reflected on the field was so pleasing. It was in the second quarter and Elin was in defence and took possession of the ball, she kicked out on the wing and found Eliza who took a strong mark. Elin ran past and received a hand ball from Eliza. Elin then kicked down to Maia K, who again took a strong contested mark.. Maia then kicked in field and found Lexie P free and another mark before the half time siren sounded. No goal came from this, but the team work was amazing, skill level was high and this one piece of play showed me how far we have improved over the year…

Well done girls. One game to go.

Players player Genevieve (or should I say Mrs Incredible!)
Spirit Genevieve
Courage Lily

Genevieve 1.0
Lily 0.1
Lizzy 1.0
Sami an unfortunate 3.2 for the opposition

Match Report Round 14: U9 Cockatoo vs Mosman Swans U9 Sunday 4th August 2019

Our last game of the regular season saw the Cockatoos back at Blackman Park up against the Mosman Swans. After two weeks playing against two of the strongest team in the comp, finishing our season against the Swans gave our boys a chance to show off everything they had learned over the course of the season. 

Right from the outset our midfield were on top and were able to get the ball into our forward line. Hamish, Aza and Ryan each managed to kick goals in what was an impressive first quarter. Ryan kicked a long range beauty, Hamish kicked a screamer from the pocket on a very tight angle, and Aza hustled and fought himself free to kick a great goal. In fact over the course of the match we had 8 different goal scorers out of 9 players, and our ninth player managed a couple of behinds, and was unlucky not to score a goal.

In the third quarter we had Ryan playing for the Swans to give them a bit of a leg up, and Ivan played with them in the fourth. Notwithstanding the fact that we were had eight Cockatoos playing against eleven Swans, our boys continued to dominate possession. What was particularly impressive from our boys was the way they were working together. In recent games we’ve really tried to emphasize the need to back each other up and to provide an option when our team-mate is tackled or under pressure.

Against the Swans the Cockatoos got to see the benefit of that team work, as the player who won the ball in congestion used the handball, or a simple tap, to get the ball out of traffic to to the advantage of a team mate in space. Our players were also really good at looking to pass the ball to a team mate from a kick, and to share the ball around. Playing against a strong team can be a great learning experience, as it helps the players to learn from their opposition. But sometimes playing against a weaker opponent can help build confidence and provide the opportunity to put into practice some of the skills and tactics we’ve been learning and working on during the year.  This game may have been the latter, but it really highlighted our boy’s improvement.

Jude was a perfect example of this. Jude is a big strong lad, who sometimes struggles to impose himself on the game. His kicking has improved dramatically over the season, and he can kick the ball a long way, so it is always good when he has ball in space. He was away last week, so before we started I told him he owed me twice as many possessions to make up for the missed game. He started in the midfield and over the course of the quarter you could see his confidence slowly grow as he started to get more of the ball. In the second quarter that confidence increased as he used his body to get to the ball on the ground and into space. He worked really well with his fellow forwards, getting handballs and kicks away to his team mates when under pressure. He applied pressure himself by tackling and hustling his opponents. He was able to set up two goals before finally kicking one himself. More importantly by the end of the quarter (and for the rest of the game) whenever the ball was nearby Jude backed himself to get it, and usually did.

Jerry also deserves special mention, not only did he work really hard to get the ball all over the field, he backed up his team mates superbly, and shared the ball brilliantly, including sacrificing shots on goal to get the ball to a team mate in a better position. He played tough, skillful and unselfish footy. He took marks, laid tackles, won contested ball and had multiple goal assists (and goals). Hamish also had an exceptional day. He was able to showcase his skills by foot, but equally importantly tackled strongly, and applied pressure, an area which has seen real improvement over the season. Ryan took a couple of sensational contested marks, and was strong on the ground. Whether he played for the Cockatoos or the Swans he was a menace to his opponents. Oscar also won the ball everywhere. He is back to his best footy, determined to get the ball, and if he can’t, tackles courageously. He loves a goal and kicked some beauties! 

Jack’s kicking has also improved enormously over the season, and he was rewarded with his first goal for the year! He has always been willing to tackle and fight for the ball on the ground, but now he is starting to use the ball well also. His brother Ben (who should never be confused with his identical twin) got plenty of the ball, and made sure he was hard to tackle when he won it. His kicking has also improved, and a number of our goals were the result of Ben and Jack getting the ball from the midfield into the forward line. Ivan kicked goals, took marks and tackled strongly. His determination to get the ball and use it is second to none, and he has a great set of hands. He is really a big asset to our team, and had another great game. 

As should be obvious, this match was an excellent way for the Cockatoos to finish the regular season. I’ve had a great time coaching these boys and watching (and hopefully helping) them improve. I’m really looking forward to the gala day this weekend for a fantastic finish to the footy year!

Jude won the coaches award this week for his huge game, his best so far, as he really imposed himself, and won lots of ball. Jerry also was given a special coaches award for his unselfish play, and the standard he set.  As I have said to the boys more than once, kicking a goal is fun, but setting it up is far more impressive! 
Finally a very big thank you to our team Manager, Andrew. Andrew does a fantastic job keeping things organised on game day, before, during and after the game, allowing me to focus on coaching. I’m really grateful for his help, it makes my job so much easier. Thank you Andrew!!!

Have a great week.
Go Cockatoos!!

Respecting umpires

There has been reports of umpires being abused at junior footy games recently. As such, I wanted to reiterate the AFL’s policy on this issue.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are coaches, managers or any parent from the team allowed to approach an umpire. This is clearly defined in the AFL Sydney Juniors By-Laws.

If you have a grievance with umpire, you should first notify the team manager, who will then speak to the ground manager (who is the only person who can approach them).

Aside from the by-laws, this behaviour goes against everything the club espouses to. We are a family friendly club, which promotes sport to be played with a positive attitude. We ask our kids to respect the coaches, the opposition and the umpires. We also expect the same behaviour from parents.

We also need to be mindful that the umpires are just kids. They are usually boys and girls who love the game, and want to give something back to the sport. They will make mistakes from time to time, just like the rest of us.

Just remember, this is just a game. Sit back, relax and enjoying watching your child run around the field having fun.

David Williamson’s Managing Carmen in Lane Cove

Love AFL. Can’t get enough of David Williamson plays. Then get yourself down to the The Performance Space @ St Aidan’s in Longueville to watch the Lane Cove Theatre Company performing “Managing Carmen”

A high voltage story about an AFL star with a shocking secret. Brent Lyall is at the top of his game and should be on top of the world: captain of the most powerful football club in Australia, he has two medals and a beautiful girlfriend on his arm; but something is holding him back from being the charismatic hero everyone expects.

Off the field, Brent hides a secret obsession … a penchant for designer dresses and a preference for stilettos. Brent’s alter ego ‘Carmen’ is about to go public. With millions at stake from endorsement deals, Brent’s ruthless manager will do anything to keep his private fetish under wraps.

For more information, visit In the Cove.


Directed by Isaac Downey
Date: 16th – 31st August
Where: The Performance Space @ St Aidan’s 1 Christina Street, Longueville
Tickets: $27 / $22 conc / $20 groups $10+ / add $6 cheeseplate

Online bookings

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