Junior Presentation Day

We will be holding our team presentations this Sunday 8 September at the Longueville Sporting Club (The Diddy). Proceedings will commence at 11:00am.

All team awards (best & fairest, coaches award etc) will be presented on the day, plus a few club awards. The Diddy’s kitchen will be open for lunch, and probably have a few fun games of footy on the green.

The schedule will be as follows:

  • President’s Welcome
  • Sponsors presentation
  • Presentation of Club Awards
    • Brumley Award (best player in finals series)
    • Gillard Award (best club person)
    • Lane Cove Cats Club Person of the Year
  • Best & Fairest Awards
  • Team breakout session (including coaches awards)
  • Closing Remarks
  • Games

We plan to be all wrapped up by 1:30pm.

Return your Guernsey

We would ask that all players bring their Lane Cove Cats guernsey and shorts, preferably washed and in a bag labelled with your name.

Team Equipment

We would also ask that all volunteers bring any football gear they have been using for the year. This includes coaches bags, team manager equipment, and keys to the Blackman park storage room.

Donate your used boots

If your son or daughter has also grown out of their footy boots, also bring them along. We plan to donate all boots collected to disadvantages members of the community via registered charities.

Lane Cove Cats Create a Democraucy Sausage

They came from far and wide to get a traditional Sausage sandwich from the BBQ at Lane Cove Public School. The popular combination of a gourmet beef sausage, bread roll, onion and tomato sauce flew off the BBQ trays as everyone cast their vote and satisfied hunger pains. Thanks to all who helped out on the day. The club made a nice amount of coin and shared in the community spirit.

Some highlights during the day

  • The lengthy queue for lunch kept everyone busy.
  • The gentleman who pre-polled two weeks earlier, but just came to the polling place for a sausage.
  • Another customer who ordered two bacon and egg rolls only to realise he had to pay for them. He cancelled the order.
  • A customer who had been to Bunnings tried their sausage sandwich and then came to us tried ours… He said ours was better!

Happy voting

Help raise money for the club

Looking for volunteers to run BBQ during upcoming AFL Gala Days

We are a volunteer based club and always looking for ways to make money so we can purchase more equipment for the kids and improve the facilities at the club.

One great source is the BBQ/canteen. And we’ve been offered the opportunity to run one at two upcoming gala days being held at Blackman Park.

On 8 and 22 May, over 300 high school students will descend on our home ground for a knock out competition. The gala days will run from around 9:00am to 2:30pm.

If there are any parents who are free these days and are keen to help out, this would be a huge benefit to the club. On days like these in the past, we have made several thousand dollars. You can only imagine who many new balls, jerseys or tackle bags this could buy.

Please contact Daniel Hynes if you are keen or would like more information.

A view on a volunteer – Pip Boss Auskick Co-ordinator

Thanks for all the great feedback, so far. We are privileged this week to be chatting to Pip Boss from the Auskick group. Have fun learning about another one of our great volunteers.

What is your connection and role at the club?

I am connected to the Lane Cove Cats through my daughter playing AFL and assist the kids to have FUN whilst participating and enjoying the atmosphere that is created from the grassroots of our local club and community playing fields. This role is called a coordinator.

How long have you been involved?

Since the start of the 2019 season

Best thing about volunteering

The organisation of the club is outstanding it doesn’t actually feel like you are volunteering. I have fun with the local community kids it’s great.

Most memorable moment

Every weekend is a memorable moment watching the kids learn and advance their skills as there smiles grow even bigger on their faces as they realise they are self-mastering their skills in the game. These memorable moments extend far beyond the game to give the kids numerous multidimensional benefits and lifelong skills which they can transfer to a variety of aspects of their lives.

Favourite football team

Sydney Swans

Interesting fun fact not many people know

Bobby McDonald, an Aboriginal sprinter was the first athlete to use the crouch start in sprinting in the 1880s. He got the idea of the crouch start from watching the kangaroo and for years the crouch start was known as the ‘kangaroo start.’

Favourite subject at school?

PDHPE and PASS backed up with food technology to fuel and reenergise my body was always a fantastic day.

PDHPE (Personal Development, Health and Physical Education)

PASS (Physical Activity and Sports Studies)

Advice for anyone thinking about getting more involved with the club?

Many thanks to the club coordinators that make volunteering easy, thank you for building such a solid foundation for the local club. I have not seen such a well-run club for any sport in many years. The club makes volunteering easy and the session plans are faultless, easy to understand and written in plain language so you can’t go wrong…it’s KISC (Keep It Simple Cats).

BBQ roster

We have have established a great tradition at footy games with a permanent BBQ on at Blackman Park. I’m sure you would agree, a bacon & egg roll early on a Sunday can be a godsend. Its also a vitally important as a source of fundraising for the club.

However, we need your help to keep it going. We have created a volunteer roster to help operate the BBQ over the season. Auskick currently man the BBQ until around 9:30am. This is positioned in front of the Scout Hall.

With a lot of our junior games now being played on Steve Chisholm Oval (the lower turf field), we are now asking teams to man a smaller BBQ on this oval to feed hungry kids and parents  over the lunchtime period.

We have gone through the fixtures and assigned several home teams playing BBQ duties. This will consist of 2-3 parents cooking sausages or selling drinks over 1.5 hour period that is aligned with their team playing.

Over the course of the year, it works out that no team operates the BBQ more than 4 times. When broken up withing the parent group, this should mean you only have 1 week of BBQ duties.

We think this is a small contribution of time. Remember, every cent we raise goes straight back into the club to benefit the kids.

The full BBQ fixture and a guide to how the BBQ operates and all the main responsibilities can be found on the LCC TeamApp (under documents). Here is a link to the web page version.

Rostered times will also be communicated via the TeamApp, as well your team manager or Auskick coordinator. If you can’t help, please let them know so we can roster someone else on.

A view on a volunteer – Ivan Bate U10YG Coach

The next instalment in profiling some of our wonderful volunteers at the club. If you have a suggestion please forward these onto news@lanecovecats.com.

This week we meet Ivan Bate, who I first met this year in my involvement with the girls AFL sides. I sat down with Ivan and quickly asked a few questions so we could all get to know him and his family better

What is your connection and role at the club?

My daughter Isabel started at Auskick about 4 years ago and my son Eaden in his second season. At the end of the first Auskick session last year Peter Beck announced a Girls Under 10 team and asked if there were any girls from Auskick who wanted to try playing in the Under 10s Girls team. Standing at the back of the crowd enjoying a not so well earned sausage sandwich I saw my daughters hand shoot up.  I knew at that moment my lazy Sundays had come to an end. Isabel has now moved on from Auskick into the Under 10 girls team and my son looks forward to Auskick every Sunday.

From Left to Right it is Isabel, Amanda, Ivan and Eaden.

How long have you been involved?

I helped with Auskick informally last year and this year offered to help Peter as an Auskick Coordinator. This allows me to see my son run around and help at the same time. This year I offered to assist Daniel coach the Under 10 Girls team where my daughter Isabel plays. Daniel did such a good job coaching the girls team last year, I watched him stand in the rain, turn up to training and really encourage a great little team of under 10 girls enjoy the game and the team environment. I am not generally involved in many charitable causes but I thought if there is one that I could get involved in it would be kids football.

Best thing about volunteering

A sense of adding something to the community in an area that I am interested in and feel I have something to offer.

Most memorable moment

Eating hot steamed dim sims with a bucket load of soy sauce watching the under 10 Girls play in the rain last year. It reminded me of a winter day playing football in the Yarra Valley in Victoria as a kid. That day last year I remember watching from the warmth of my car tucking into a hot dim sim as Daniel stood in the wind and rain coaching my daughters team. It was then that I thought I would help this year in some capacity.

Favourite football team

Carlton (really and things were going so well)

Interesting fun fact not many people know

Every March I make a yearly batch of Italian Passata sauce for the coming winter, I cure my home grown olives, I make my own salami and brew my own craft beer. I consume all that on pizzas I make in my home wood fired pizza oven.

Favourite subject at school!

I always liked science and geography. I am qualified in Environmental Science and Geology but I work in Technology.

The Catery going cashless

With use and development of tap and go payments systems, the amount of people carrying cash has dropped sharply in recent years. This has lead us to acquire a credit card read last to accommodate these people.

However, we have also found it increasingly difficult to manage the cash on game days. Money can be easily misplaced, particularly as we don’t have a permanent canteen.

We feel its the opportune time to remove use of cash on game days at Blackman Park. Therefore, in 2019 we will be running a cashless BBQ/Canteen.

So please make sure you bring your credit/debit card to games on Sunday. To make the transition a little easier, we will take cash if you have no other means of payment. However, its unlikely we will be able to give correct change.

Clean-up Australia Day

To kick off the season we would like to invite the Lane Cove Cats Community to support Clean-up Australia Day on Sunday the 3rd of March, at Blackman Park (Lloyd Rees Dr, Lane Cove West, NSW 2066). 

We are blessed to have one of the most beautiful home grounds in the Sydney AFL competition, so what better way to kick off the season than with a clean-up of the surrounding parklands.  We would like to invite you to sign up to be a volunteer at our site and come down anytime between 8am and 12pm.  We will put on a free BBQ toward the end of the clean-up session. 

What do I bring along?

What to bring along?  We recommend you bring along a good pair of gardening gloves, hat, a bottle water, sunscreen, and sturdy footwear (no thongs or open toe footwear).  Anyone of any age can participate, as long as they are registered (you can also register on the day).

How do I register?

Register here: https://www.cleanupaustraliaday.org.au/fundraisers/morganhunter
Want to get in touch or have a question about the Clean Up?  You can send me an email here: morghunter@gmail.com

Got a question for Clean Up Australia? You can send an enquiry to cleanup@cleanup.com.au or give them a call on 1800 CUA DAY ( 1800 282 329 )
Thank you for your support! I hope to see you at Blackman Park on the 3rd of March.
Go Cats!

Vote for us in Macquarie Radio’s Little Legends competition

The Lane Cove Cats have been nominated for Macquarie Sports Radio’s Little Legends. 

The 5 Sports Clubs in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth who get the most votes will win $2,000 each for their club. 

So please head to Macquarie Sports Radio’s website and vote for us now! Voting closes, Sunday March 1.

The winning clubs will be announced on the Drive program with Mark Allen and David Schwarz!

Purchase raffle tickets and support LCC

We have partnered with Play For Purpose

With Play For Purpose, you can play with confidence knowing that a minimum of 50% of your ticket contribution will directly support sporting projects at our club, with funds granted by the Australian Sports Foundation.

The remaining portion of ticket sales is used to fund the prizes in the raffle, fund bonus payments to other charitable sporting projects, and to recoup some of the costs involved with running the raffle. Play For Purpose is 100% not-for-profit, and is endorsed by Sport Australia.

The funds we raise through Play For Purpose will be used for charitable sporting projects, helping improve the health and well-being of the Australian community including through increased participation in sport. You can read more about what your contribution means to Lane Cove Cats on our homepage.

The Raffle is conducted on our behalf by the 50-50 Foundation, an ACNC registered Charity. There are thousands of prizes on offer in every draw, ranging from Gold Bullion, Cars, Holidays Packages plus many more!

With a 1 in 34 chance of winning a prize while supporting our club, giving has never been so rewarding!