Match Report Lane Cove Cats Blicavs vs Balgowlah Suns Friday 24th July 2020

We were so fortunate to have had the boys play out their round 2 fixture on Friday evening at Balgowlah Oval as opposed to Sunday when the weather was less settled. 

I’d like to say it was another game of Champagne Football to celebrate the start of the weekend but it looked more like Pinot Grigio (the mums tell me!).  On the football field, it was a very tight tussle, with the Suns out of the blocks early, we all knew from the side lines that it was going to be a tough game. 

Unlike the previous week where it was clean footy with silky skills, this week it was the opposite.  For the players, it was all about rolling up your sleeves and digging in to get the ball from the bottom of the pack!  The Suns were a great tackling team, not minding the hard stuff around the ball.  Our boys were not shy of the contest and managed to keep pressure through the midfield and eventually found ways to support the forwards with accurate kicking to targets. Our boys were also willing to back themselves into their running game, ultimately paying dividends.  The boys were the better team in the end, not because they won more hard balls or placed more tackles than the opposition, quite the contrary, that was even.  It was because Team Blicavs held their structure when it counted.  They were also not afraid to take the game on, making more opportunities for run and carry.  They broke tackles and found team mates when it mattered, playing their own style of footy despite the opposition pressure.  Here’s to U9 Blicavs for persistence in trying circumstances!

Special mention must go to Billy Kerrison who kicked a bag of goals, one in particular a dribbler. Spectacular goal!  Billy’s dad Trevor tells me Billy was dribbling them through since Thursday, possibly explains why he was off school too. Nevertheless, Billy was a constant threat to the Suns defenders, holding his position close to goal when he was forward and also being a rock in defense, marking and repelling everything the Suns could throw at the Cats.

I am not sure who Jack Phillips is more like as a footballer, Dusty Martin or Toby Greene. If last week he dialed up Toby, this week he dialed up Dusty less the tough stickers! There were “don’t argues”, crunching tackles and most importantly beautiful accurate kicks to targets and he just kept on giving 110% to his team mates.  Top marks to you Jack, you get the brussel sprouts this week after the session at the parlour!

If Jack was that good then Jake Spiden was not far behind.  When everyone else was fumbling in the conditions and from the pressure, Jake S was clean and crisp….or is that Cripps…don’t know but either way he played on instinct and look so dangerous running out from the back third, attacking the ball and backing himself in, must have broken a thousand Suns hearts repelling almost every forward thrust they had. Jake S racked up mark after mark and was in everything. This week he had the right mouth guard in all game and it paid dividends for a great performance.

Sammy Nugent was in the game early helping around the forward third with his voice and applying pressure on the opposition with deft tackling and keeping in space to present options to his team mates.  Keep it up Sam you get better every week.

Someone else who gets better as the season progresses is Ed Callaghan.  I really liked his game and what he brought to the contest. While he was happy to get into the heat of the contest, Ed decided that he could run too! Looking more like a midfielder this week than the star forward from the previous week. Keep it up Ed!

Now we all know that where there is Ed there is Jordy Spinks! If Ed and Jake Mears were bringing the run to the midfield, then it was Jordy who brought the toughness to the park, reminded me of Brett Kirk….not pretty but effective, particularly in the slippery conditions, locking in the ball, bullocking, tackling hard and releasing the ball from the pressure furnace when he felt like it and the likes of Jake M, Ed and co had the crisp skills to benefit from Jordy’s bustling work.

Jake Mears loves a run and looks almost effortless when he gets into full stride. Jake M is not afraid to mix it up at the bottom of the pile either and certainly showed his class with that deft left boot and clean marking skills. Pressure footy suits Jake M as it seems to bring out that extra bit of grit and determination in him.  For someone that is so determined, that’s a lot of grit!  Friday night was his sort of game.  As too Marcus Kiley. He was not afraid of the in and under pressure cooker stuff.  Marcus put on a crackling tackle in the middle that was rewarded by the umpire.  It changed the game momentum at that time and repelled yet another Suns forward thrust.  There were some great hands shown by Marcus to give it off to Billy from the bottom of a pack resulted in a goal, a handy assist to you Marcus, for a growing repertoire.

For the second week running Ethan Chamberlain managed to have the most bounces in the game, only this time not consecutively but over numerous plays where he ran the ball with purpose from defense setting up plays further afield. Its hard not to look at Ethan when he gets the ball and runs with it, looking to influence the play and be creative.  Keep it up Ethan your enthusiasm is contagious.

Last but certainly not least our debutant Levi Von Giese.  Levi found it hard to get a word in in the huddle pre-game but he let his boots do the talking during the game setting up Billy with a deft pass into space resulting in a goal.  Levi kicked his first goal for Team Blicavs also in a stunning debut – Well done Levi and welcome!

Its back to Steve Chisholm Oval for 9am on Sunday.  Our team is down for dressing the fields also.  Volunteer assistance is welcome at say 8:20AM in order to be ready by 8:35 latest.

Match Report Lane Cove Cats U10 Selwood vs Manly Bombers Phantoms Sunday 26th July

The only thing more relentless than the rain on Sunday, was the determination of the Lane
Cove Cats Selwood boys to get their hands on the ball. With Steve Chisholm Oval closed due to the wet weather, our game was moved up to the synthetic oval. The rain wasn’t heavy, but it was continuous. This meant that the surface was slippery, and the ball was slick, so right fr om the outset the Cats knew that if they wanted to compete, they had to have ball in hand.

From the opening bounce our mid field of Ryan, Ollie M, Archer and Jude were hard at the
ball. After a bit of a scramble the ball was in our forward zone, and our forwards were
fighting to get their hands on the ball. Ollie L took possession close to the goal, but was
tackled almost immediately, and the ball hit the deck. The Bombers were determined to get
the ball out, but Oscar, Ivan and Harry were more determined to keep the ball in our
forward zone. This allowed Ollie L to again get his hands on the loose ball, and kick his first
goal for the Cats! The effort from the whole team to get that first goal exemplified the way
the Selwood boys went about their business throughout the match.

Selwood didn’t have the entire game on their terms however, The Manly Bombers
Phantoms are a very good team. They repeatedly showed their ability to kick, mark, run and
compete, but the Selwoods’ hardness at the ball, much like that of their namesake, proved
more than a match for them. Parkes competed hard all day, got plenty of possession and
made a big contribution to the team. Ollie M continued his good form from the week
before, chasing and tackling hard, and making good use of the footy when he got it. Our
birthday boy Aza, wasn’t quite able to get a goal to help celebrate his birthday, but his fight
to get the ball, and handball off to players in space led to more than one goal.

Ivan and Jonti played with their usual ferocity, including both taking huge contested grabs,
tackling hard, and getting the ball into space. Both kicked goals when playing forward, and
but for a couple of unlucky bounces, Jonti would have had a couple more. Ryan’s speed and
sure hands were made for wet weather footy. As always he got plenty of possession, took
marks, and tackled hard.

Archer showed plenty of composure to get two goals when forward, but it was his
determination to get the ball where-ever he was playing that impressed the most. Jerry
started in defence, and joked that he hadn’t got a possession in the first quarter, However a
move into the midfield quickly fixed that, and he repeatedly got into space and got the ball
into our forward zone.

This was a game where everyone contributed. It wasn’t just our first efforts, but that
everyone across the board followed up with second and third efforts, which meant that
despite the fact that it was a bit of a scrappy game in the wet, our players were able to
dominate the game. Manly was able to score, but every point they got required them to
overcome a committed defence. The hardness right across the team made for some very
proud parents and coach.

Even though this was a whole team effort, there was one player who stood out all game. His
determination to get to the ball was enormous. If he didn’t win the ball with his first effort,
he followed up, with second, third, fourth and fifth efforts. He scored two goals when
forward, defended and tackled when in defence, and got the ball forward when in the
midfield. It made giving the coaches award to Oscar this game a very easy decision. To stand out in a game where everyone played well is even more impressive, Awesome work Oscar!

A super game from Selwood this week. Round 3 against the Willoughby Wildcats is set to be a cracker!

Match Report Lane Cove Cats U12YG vs Forest Lions U12YG Sunday 26th July

As coach Dan said to the girls it was “atrocious” conditions for playing footy, when our U12 Youth Girls faced Forest Lions at their home ground.

However judging by the smiles, looks like our U12 Youth Girls enjoyed playing in the mud, cold rain and wind, and would have been disappointed to play on the synthetic field behind.
Although we lost on the day, we managed to score a goal which was uplifting for the team. 7-6-48 to 1-2-8

It was nice to see some of the team structures forming, and where some of the girl’s natural field positions and skills are starting to show.

There was a great combination in the ruck with Imogen winning just about every tap out she was involved in, and flicking it straight to Lizzie who was sending the ball forward.  They both covered a lot of the field.

Celeste was a great ‘scrapper’ and able to pick up plenty of loose balls from the midfield.
Sami was fully involved in the game playing in centre forward position, especially when there were goal kicking opportunities. Likewise Genevieve had flare when playing in the forwards.

It was good to see Veronica and Josie involved in the contest and use their natural height and strength. 

Great contribution from all the other girls who tackled and ran and did their best on what was a tough but fun day.

Match Report Lane Cove Cats U11 Ablett vs Leichhardt Cygnets Sunday 26th July 2020

Team Ablett’s trip to Glover Street Oval was a none-too-subtle reminder that Footy is a winter sport. What was only a little drizzle on the car trip, turned into driving rain during the warm-up drills, then a deluge during the first quarter, but dropped back to mere heavy rain for the remainder of the match. Despite the weather, we had a full team with only a couple of players out to help out the U12s, and it was pleasing to see the boys literally hopping with excitement to get out there. Or perhaps they were hopping up and down to stay warm?

Coach Roger in his pre-match address highlighted the points emphasised from training of getting the ball forward, minding the opposition player and to be cognisant of the conditions. Captain Zak Evans led his team onto the field. From the centre-bounce it was obvious that Lane Cove were in a separate class to the opposition, and the ball lived in the Cats forward line. The 58-0 first quarter score meant the mercy rule was invoked early on. Thereon it was only a matter of ensuring our Cats remained focussed on the game and also provided the opportunity to play the boys in different positions.

Goals were scored by Harry Arnold (2), Xavier Coker, Zak Evans (2), Jude Lumley, Olly Meichen (2), Angus Moten, Dylan O’Dowd (2), James O’Dowd (2), Lucius Pimpini, Hudson Savage (4) and Lewis Thame, but the contribution was across the board.

Best Defensive Play was Angus Moten who thrilled coaches and spectators with his cover and run off half-back, and his forward 50 entries were outstanding. Olly Meichen won Play of the Day for his two goals and tenacity, although he would count three goals, the last of which had the Cygnets list managers sniffing around him. Best Player was Hudson Savage whose ability to get it out of the centre contests and his finish in front of goals was superb.

Despite the weather, the game was enjoyed by players, parents and officials, and the team beat back the rain with their rousing team song. Team Ablett play their first home game on Steve Chisholm Oval next Sunday at 11:15am against Balgowlah Suns Red.

Match Report Lane Cove Cats U10 vs Willoughby Wildcats Sunday 19th July 2020

It was a beautiful winter morning at Blackman Park for our first home game of the season. 
Scarlett, our captain for the day, set the scene as she led her chargers through the guard of honor. and in the early stages of the first quarter laid a bruising tackle. That tackle intent was maintained for 4 quarters and right up until the end our newest team member Eloise saved a couple of goals with great defensive tracking.

As the coach i have learnt  that regardless of size or ability level every one of our players will tackle and pressure as much as they can. It’s nice to watch.The ball moved from end to end during the first half and we managed to threaten the scoreboard without it going our way. Defenders, mids and forwards worked well together and we saw some nice handballing and few runs.

Had a few things gone our way we would have finished the half even on the scoreboard.Both teams started to tire as the third quarter progressed and the winter sun started to burn. Isla and Issy took some good marks and some link up handball started to get some movement on the game. This provided Tanya a couple of opportunities to display her customary dodge and run.

We were playing one player down for this game and Willoughby also had 2 spare on the bench so their fresher legs started to swing the momentum there way.The last quarter Maddison the Willoughby Wildcats super star switched into the middle and Scarlett toiled hard reducing her influence. In the end we lost to a team with an extra player all game but our effort and intensity is first class and i think the standard is good given we are a fresh teem. The last few weeks at training we have focused on attack at the ball and the one on one contest. This week we will start to focus more on moving the ball across the field.

Great write up, thanks Ivan, As always, if you need anything, please let Ivan, Kelly or myself know and importantly please continue to register attendance to training and game day on the app. With the situation in Victoria and the outer Sydney suburbs getting serious again, I suspect we will see further comms from the club and the AFL later this week (just a hunch), please keep an eye out for these, I’ll send a note on WhatsApp if I see anything.   
See you all Wednesday night for training!


Match Report Lane Cove Cats U9 Blicavs vs Forest Lions U9 Yellow 19th July 2020

It was a sunny welcome back to football on Sunday morning for the U9 Blicavs team at Steve Chisholm Oval and it was an extremely pleasing sight seeing the squad of players warming up with Drew after arriving early.  That just demonstrated the enthusiasm of the boys to dust off the Co-VID isolation suits and face masks and don their Cats jumpers to get back to footy!  All of the parents were equally keen to be watching from the sidelines (one per player) as they reacquainted with each other and the coffee vendor pre-game, while maintaining appropriate social distancing of course!

I am not sure if it was hand sanitizer or dew on the oval when the umpire addressed the boys pre-game. Whatever it was it did not affect the Cats, the lads managing beautifully in the conditions with slick skills and clean ball handling. 

Every onlooker to a game takes something different away, whether it’s the spectacle or an individual performance or a key moment.  What I saw repeatedly was our boys winning a contested ball because they kept their feet allowing for smooth use of the ball. Also, the boys were able to move the ball well by hand between themselves in tight situations because they were aware of where their team mates were (communication).  There were other things like the run to support team mates, most of the time there was an extra Cats player near the play supporting to provide an extra option (that’s team play supporting the ball carrier, not always rewarded but so admired by team mates) and the ability to trap the ball inside the forward third through pressure.  And there was no greater example of this than Sammy Nugent who laid a spectacular tackle on a young Lion to win a free kick in front of goal but on the sharpest of sharp angles.  Sammy converted truly, with protractor, great poise and focus. Not to rest on his laurels Sammy also took a courageous mark amongst opposition traffic to thwart a Lions attack.  Drew and I were told by Sam’s mum post game that Sammy will get bragging rights at the dinner table that night over big brother (LCC U12’s) who took considerably longer to kick his first in Cats colours.  You deserve an extra brussel sprout Sam, well done!

When I talk about keeping your feet and moving smoothly the name Jack Phillips (4 goals) comes to mind. His mother must have washed his footy gear with Teflon because no one could catch him on Sunday. Possibly the only thing stopping Jack was leaving the compass at home, could have bagged 7 if he kicked straight! Jack’s partner in crime was Jake Spiden who made sure Jack received it lace out, medium rare, pepper sauce….It was fine dining table service! Jake S also did the heavy lifting in the centre square, winning the hard ball and making other team mates look good by getting them the ball in space.  Jake S deserved a goal but finished with 3 mouthguards instead.

Ed Callaghan’s game got better the longer the game went.  His long range snap at the goals for full points was a beauty and gave him the confidence he needed to make sure he was amongst the play for the rest of the game. 

Jordan Spinks (3 goals) was hungry for the ball all day and showed he was not suffering any ill-effects from not having an orange at half time. Jordy is always up for a contest.  He put in for four quarters and was paid the rewards in front of goal for his efforts, well done Jordy.  Jake Mears (3 goals) gave us added pressure around the ball at ground level and kicked a bag of goals.  There is going to be plenty for Cats fans to look forward to this season from Jake M.

Marcus Kiley, Billy Kerrison and Ethan Chamberlain were stoic in defense early, working well together to repel some early attacks from the Lions brigade.  Marcus shepherded and did the one-percenters, laid a great tackle, that went unrewarded by the umpire but helped set up yet another goal to the team from his tight pressure play.  Billy, as well as kicking a few goals later in the game (3), was the source of many a forward thrust with his accurate long kicking and team play.  On one memorable occasion he did the team thing and kicked it accurately to Ethan in the pocket rather than blazing away himself.  Finally Ethan, “the running-man”.  It would have been difficult for mum and dad to have kept Ethan in isolation for so many weeks.  He was literally leaping out of his skin to play on Sunday and leap he did….into action!  For me, Ethan summed up the whole game for his team, showing unbounded enthusiasm for the game, he ran, created and got involved in the play where he could and supported his team mates with good voice and great skill.  So enthusiastic was Ethan that he forgot how many bounces are allowed, the umpire reminding two is one too many.  I think if the umpire let him Ethan possibly would have had a few more too!

Looking forward to seeing you all under lights on Friday evening at Balgowlah Oval, the home of the Balgowlah Suns at 6pm.  Drew has dispatched a reminder to all team member’s parents and I hope to see you all there for round 2.


Damien Kiley

0416 137 314

Match Report: Lane Cove Cats U10 Selwood vs Pittwater Tigers Rance U10, 19th July 2020

The sun was shining, the air was still, and the sounds of football were finally back. Sunday
marked the first round of our interrupted season, and Lane Cove U10 Selwoods couldn’t
wait to get back on the field.

The key message to start the season was to be first to the ball, and to keep the opposition
accountable, but the opening few phases of the match were dominated by the Tigers, as
their bigger bodies in the midfield allowed for repeated entries into their forward line, and
some quick goals. The injection of Jonti into the ruck started to sway momentum away from the Tigers however, as notwithstanding that the Tiger’s ruck was taller and bigger, Jonti’s bodywork gave our midfielders first use, and our forwards were suddenly in the game. A couple of good shots on goal by Ryan and Archer fell just short, but our intensity lifted.

The rest of the game was an arm wrestle, both teams fighting hard for the ball, and moving
the ball well between the zones. Our first goal by Hamish was a brilliant team effort, which
involved moving the ball from our defensive zone, through our midfield into the forward. A
great team effort to lock the ball in the forward zone was rewarded when Hamish was able
to get into space and snap truly.

Archer was terrific under the ball, taking a number of strong marks, including a great
contested grab. His overhead ability led to our second goal. Ivan was also strong under the
ball, and played with the fierce intensity that we know so well from last year. Our first
gamers in Xavier, Harry and Ollie L, showed that they belong on an AFL field, as they fought
hard for the ball all game. Ollie L also took a terrific mark in the defensive zone that stopped
a Tigers goal.

Our third goal was again the result of great teamwork, as the ball was moved from our
defensive zone into the forwards. The kick into the forward zone fell a little short, however
Ollie M charged at the ball, hotly pursued by a tigers defender, he picked up the ball cleanly,
rode the inevitable tackle, got his hands free for handpass to Ryan in space, who ran
towards goal, took a bounce and split the uprights with a fearsome kick. Ryan’s first half
was good, but his second was excellent, he took a number of clean marks, tackled fiercely
and fought hard for the ball all day. Ollie M played his best match yet (in his third season
under this coach). He was hard at the ball, laid some fierce tackles, including one in the final
quarter that stopped a certain tigers goal, and was rewarded with the coaches award for an
outstanding game.

Jude’s aggression at the ball got him plenty of possessions, and he rarely lost a one on one contest. Jonti’s clean ball use was essential for our transition across the ground, and he
dominated the midfield. But mostly pleasing for this coach was the way all our defenders
played. The Tigers were able to get the ball into our defensive zone on multiple occasions,
but all our players defended fiercely, making the Tigers have to work for every point, but more often our boys hard work meant that the ball was repelled out into our midfield,
allowing us to launch our next attack.

A magnificent opening game, I can’t wait for the next. If we maintain our intensity and
ferocity at the ball, we are in for a very good season.

Match Report: Lane Cove Cats U11 Ablett vs Willoughby Wildcats Black, 19th July 2020

Team Ablett travelled to ELS Hall on a beautiful sunny day for a long-awaited first game of the season against The Wildcats. With Coach Roger and Manager Michiel sunning themselves in tropical Queensland (or somewhere?), the B-Team swung into action and Coach Mic was ably assisted by stand-in Manager Tim Holgate and runner Chris Arnold. Thanks guys!

Coach Mic, already hoarse from shouting the previous evening at the SCG, emphasized the game points of surging the ball forward, keeping up the on-field chatter, and helping out your teammates. This was followed by a quick but effective Captain’s speech by Harry Arnold, before he led his team onto the field. He wasted no time demonstrating he intended to lead from the front, within minutes he had received the ball off half-back, sprinted through centre with two bounces and evaded multiple tacklers, passed off to the forwards and then followed up by receiving and scoring the Cats first major.

The Cats were never behind from that point, and held the Wildcats scoreless in the first and third, while piling on five further goals to Jude Lumley, James O’Dowd with two, Olly Meichen and James Hughes on debut. The final score was (Wildcats) 2-5-17 to 6-6-42. Other highlights included:

– Aaron Ball getting crunched numerous times and looked like he was taking it on behalf of his team. He didn’t stop though.
– Olly Meichen being let off the leash (aka being moved forward) in the 3rd.
– Zac Holgate in the backs and Jude in the forwards ordering around their troops like parade-ground sergeants.
– Some desperate goal line touches saved the score from being closer.

And in particular:
– Dylan O’Dowd continually standing under marks and tackling in the back line and kicks forward. His game-long efforts in defense earned his Best Defensive Play award, and this despite his continued attempts to convince coach to put him on-ball. Perhaps next week, Dylan.
– Xavier Coker (aka “Big Xav”) worked tirelessly in the ruck on his own, made every contest, and deservedly won Play of the Day.
– Harry Arnold simply wasn’t bettered on the day, and won Best Player.

Even the best teams need to continually improve and Thursday night Team Ablett will work on making space for our forwards, work on keeping touch with our opponents, and discuss listening to our on-field leaders. We hope the superb play continues, and look forward to facing the Leichhardt Cygnets at Glover St Oval, at midday next Sunday.

Match Report Lane Cove Cats U14YG v Canada Bay Cannons, St Luke’s Oval, 19th July 2020

A glorious winter’s day greeted the eventual start of season 2020. A dedicated
recruiting effort over winter had kept the core of last year’s team, promoted the
cream of last year’s U12s and picked up three promising youngsters in the draft,
all making their debut in the season opener.

The opening match was against the Canada Bay Cannons, who beat us narrowly
twice last year, so the game represented a great opportunity to see how much
progress the team had made since last season. A full complement of 16 players
meant a full field, perhaps not so welcome on a warm day and with Covid
restrictions on water bottles. Game on.

Debutant Ashley got the ball rolling by winning the first ruck contest of the
season and moving the ball forward. Play was a little scratchy at first, but the
team was strong at the ball and kept it trapped in the forward line. Debutant
Gracieeee spent her first quarter with the Cats standing at fullback with not
much else to do but chat to the opposition. A few close calls from the Cats, but
eventually pressure told and LilyD kicked the first goal of the season.
Q1 LCC 1.3.9 v CBC 0.0.0.

With more numbers this season, the coaches were able to experiment with
playing wingers on the wing. LilyS and Tipsy got the job and after tracking
parallel to the ball for quarter 1, started to position better in the second and the
ball started to find them.

As the game opened up, the forward line started to space and Elin scored a goal to delight the assistant coach. Charli had come off the bench to add plenty of energy and Jaimie complemented her usual fierce tackling with some nice touches, before adding a goal. Q2 LCC 3.6.24 v CBC 0.0.1

With a healthy half time lead, the coaches started to experiment and the game
opened up considerably. Plenty of run from the team was highlighted by
accurate kick passing and finding each other with good handballs. Debutant
Helena and Gracieeee were getting their hands on the ball and initiating the
rebounds out of defence and middle. Burna produced the kick of the day, 50m
down the wing (some say 75), and Armo was keeping the defence organized and
bombing the ball forward at every opportunity. Q3 LCC 5.10.40 v CBC 0.0.1

The final quarter saw plenty of run and flashes of brilliant team work as the ball
was expertly delivered upfield. Lucy took a goal as reward for plenty of running
in the middle and CharlieD’s crumbing in the forward line was rewarded with a
pair. LexieP saw more of the ball on the wing and Maia went on to the ball, got
involved and showed some nice touches. Particularly pleasing was the running
in to space and finding team mates in a better position with a kick or handball.

mmmm I have seen this score before!

A special mention of “Laces” O’Dowd who, having fallen foul of the ground
manager’s interpretation of by-law 11.2(D), hung around to support her team.
Grace by name, grace by nature.

A great start to the season.
Final Score: Lane Cove Cats 8.13.61 d Canada Bay Cannons 0.0.1
Goals: C. Davenport (2), J. Morelli (2), E. Ladmore (2), L. Dorahy, L. Yates
Players’ Player: C. Armstrong

U14YG Trial Game vs North West Lightning 3rd July 2020

Footy is back!

Great turnout for our U14 Youth Girls team in a trial game invitation with North West Lightning under lights at Pennant Hills on Friday night.

An enthusiastic win for our team playing in our clash uniform for the first time. 
Welcoming our new players, Ashley, Helena, Gracie as well as our returning players.

Thanks to North West Lightning for organising the game.