Sydney Swans Youth Girls Academy Trials

2019 Trials will be held in September for girls in the following age groups:

U11 – Monday September 9 (born 2008)
U12 – Tuesday September 10 (born 2007) 
U13 – Wednesday September 11 (born 2006)

Registration opens Monday August 5 at 9am.


Venue: Tramway Oval (Lakeside Oval, opposite SCG), Driver Avenue, Moore Park, Sydney

Time: 5pm – 7pm


If you are unable to make trials or do not meet the age requirements, there are alternative pathways into the Academy. If you consider yourself an Academy prospect and display many of the attributes we consider important – disciplined, focused and competitive – you can submit your details as instructed below. Please note you do not have to have extensive AFL experience, but you must have a keen interest in the sport.

Please send an email answering each of the below to

  • Players full name
  • DOB
  • Height
  • Parent/guardian’s full name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Sports played
  • Rep level achieved
  • AFL club (if currently registered)
  • 25 words or less: What are your sporting aspirations?

Your application will be reviewed by our Talent Identification team and added to our database. Please note we are consistently receiving and reviewing applications, should our Talent Identification team wish to take things further we will contact you directly.


AFL girls only camp

Something for all our AFL Girls to consider during the coming school holidays. Australian Sports Camp are running their first ever AFLW Girls only camp to run at North Ryde July 16, 17 & 18 (9am -3pm), Louise Stephenson from the Giants is confirmed to coach at that camp which is for girls only aged 6 to 16. See flyer attached.

To help LCC girls to attend, there is a less 20 % code of:


which can be used for all girls looking to attend.

The web site for all bookings is:

Match Report Round 10: Lane Cove Cats Swanson U12YG vs Willoughby Wildcats U12YG 21st June 2019

It was a cold Friday night at Gore Hill Oval, as we lined up against the Willoughby Wildcats. In our last meeting they ran us down in a real close game and I know our girls were keen to play well and obtain a better result in this outing. We were without Lily S and Genevieve H and Eliza M was only coming at half time. Netball and sickness, doh! We were lucky to have Izzy B and Scarlet H as awesome replacements from the U10s, they play like they belong.

We started in a defensive position, we knew they would come out hard. The plan was to hold up till half time, have Eliza M join the team and then release key players forward. The girls in defence were brave. Charlie D and Elin L played down back all game and were simply awesome. Lizzy Y and Sami Z both rotated down back with Grace O, but Willoughby’s pressure throughout the first half had us down 3 goals at half time. Lexie W was great in the ruck winning lots of ball and contributed to the small margin at half time.

Eliza M joined the team and the third and fourth quarter were a pleasure to watch, we moved players around and by the end of the game had three great goals and lots of near misses. We didn’t end up winning today but at the Cats our culture is that player enjoyment and development come first.

I am excited when I see Izzy B take an awesome mark and have a shot on goal that just sails wide of the post. Scarlet H burrow in for the ball and come off second best, she comes off, but before we can get some ice she is back on the field working towards the next contest. Maia K and Lexie P continue to win the ball and enjoy this with the team and lastly Jeannie N laying a solid tackle on her opponent.

Grace O in full flight passing the ball to a team mate. Eliza M so good getting the hard ground ball and Charlie D’s rock solid defence.

At the Cats,

We coach to encourage our girls to improve as individuals and play as a team

We play positive footy and celebrate not only good play on our team but good play on our opposition as well

Our parents support our players, we cheer form the side line, some of us emotionally feel every tackle and high five each other.

Our runner encourages the team, looks for opportunities and provides support, is a role model and active part of the team

Most importantly we create an environment where players have fun, look forward to training, can’t wait for their game on the weekend and sleep with their footballs.

I am a proud member of the Lane Cove Cats

Eliza – 1 Goal
Grace – 1 Goal 2 behinds
Samantha – 1 Behind
Lane Cove Cats 3-3
Willoughby – 5-5

Spirit – Izzy B

Courage – Scarlet H

Match Report Round 9: Lane Cove Cats Swanson U12YG vs Mosman Swans U12YG 16th June 2019

With a few other grounds closed on the day we were surprised, but glad that Steve Chisholm Oval remained open for our clash with the Mosman Swans. The U10YG side’s game was cancelled so they provided some extra numbers. Thanks so much to Genevieve H, Scarlett H, Victoria W, & Isabel B for slotting in at the last minute. They all competed hard and will be welcome back anytime.

We were also missing Lily S, who was unwell. Hope you are feeling better Lily (See you on Friday).

We started off our warm ups by declaring that the girl with the dirtiest uniform at the end of the game will win a prize… It’s at this point I must declare maximum ignorance to those who were going to clean said uniforms. I did not think this through but it didn’t take long for Genevieve H to take on the challenge and find the occasional mud patch to bathe in (again so sorry Team Hynes!). The oval was in great condition though and although there was some surface water on top it looked good to go.

The girls started slow in the first half and although we were playing well and competing really hard for the cake of soap (ball), they just didn’t get the rewards for their effort. Mosman slotted a quick goal in the first quarter, there was quite a bit of chatter down in defence. I am hoping it was about the game and the slippery conditions but on reflection I think Elin L and Jeannie N might have been sharing notes on the latest Tolkien book they had read. We were down 0-5-5 to 1-1-7 at half time.

A big thank you to whatever was injected into the oranges at half time because the team came out in the third quarter and kicked 5 goals to none. They dominated the play sharing the ball around and even at some times over using the hand pass to get clear. Lexie P took a spectacular mark in front of goals kicking truely to bring up her first. The organised goal celebration was a barrel role in the wet, which Lexie tentatively performed. This apparently was not good enough and the team ordered her to do another one, we all have standards that need to be maintained.

I was so pleased to see the U10’s get involved in the play and always look for a free team mate. No making up the numbers here, Izzy B made up for her size in the way she burrowed into each contest. Scarlett H has a lovely right boot and was confident to use this whenever she had the ball. Veronica W looked comfortable in the forward line pressuring the opposition at ever opportunity. Genevieve H was aqua planing across the wet ground due to the fact she was already so wet herself.

In the last quarter Elin L took a solid mark and kicked a goal, but overall the girls played as a team, it’s not about who kicked the goal. It’s about how we move the ball into positions where we can cause problems. Maia K was dangerous whenever she grabbed a possession. Charlie D had her game of high standard, whether it was in the forwards, midfield or defence, there was no equal. Sami Z recovered from her elbow injury and tackling and winning the ball all over the ground. Standouts today were Grace O and Eliza M, they both ran hard in the midfield selflessly hand passing when required and kicking when in space.

It was a solid win today.. Well done to all… Bring on the big game this Friday and let’s hope we get a wet Friday so the whole team can get a start.

Players Player: Lexie

Courage: Eliza

Spirit: Genevieve (dirties player)


Charlie: 1.3

Elin 1.1

Eliza 0.1

Lexie 2.1

Grace 2.0

Match Report Round 9: McWilliams U14YG vs Pittwater Tigers U14YG Sunday 16th June 2019

19.8mm of rain was recorded at Mona Vale on Sunday and it is fair to say that almost all of it fell between 8am and 9am as the Cats took on the Pittwater Tigers at Narrabeen.  Inevitably, in so wet a game, a low scoring and defensive game was expected, but to the delight of the crowd assembled under umbrellas, the result was an evenly matched and close game, showing off a surprising level of skill.

The game started well for the Cats, with close marking and attention to the ball resulting in good field position.  Avishi toed through a goal in heavy traffic and the Cats held a well deserved lead at quarter time, 1-1-7 to no score.  Jaimie took on the rucking duties along with a fair amount of the roving and a good share of the tackling, but really there were simply no weak links in the team with a great contribution across the board.  Avishi found some clear air to score again, but two goals from the Tigers left the Cats with a small lead at half time, 2-3-15 to 2-0-12.  Emma’s kick sailed through the goals only seconds after the siren sounded and didn’t count.

At half time, Coach Rohan declared the worst of the rain over, which of course precipitated the heaviest downpour of the day.  With only a single point scored in the third quarter, Charlie at fullback performed outstandingly on an opponent twice her size and Armo attacked the ball relentlessly and cleared the ball beautifully.  Lexie and Charlotte had one of their strongest performances of the year, both handling the slippery ball and injecting themselves into the play.  Three quarter time, 2-4-16 to 2-0-12.

At the three quarter break, Coach Jemma emphasised that effort would win the day and with those words ringing in their ears, the team played strongly and for the first ten minutes of the final quarter held possession across the forward line.  Three behinds for the Cats pushed the lead out beyond a goal, before Elin picked up the ball in the forward pocket, went around her defender and lined up a kick into an empty goal square.  The ball sailed truly, landed right in the middle of the goal square and took a sharp right hand turn and missed everything.

The ball then shifted to the other end and for the last five minutes was locked into the Tigers forward line.  A behind, brought the difference back to a goal and in the ensuing ruck the goal ball was punched low toward the goal.  Charlotte clearly got a hand on the ball, but the crowd couldn’t tell where in relation to the line; the goal umpire dropped both hands and the scores were tied.  From the centre bounce, the ball again went towards the Tigers goal and with a heartbreaking kick from a Tiger’s forward, the Cats, who hadn’t been headed for 59 ½ minutes of the game, fell behind.

Despite a disappointing result, the team can be very proud of the way and the spirit in which they played in very challenging conditions.  Amber played strongly at the ball and Eloise and Lily ran themselves ragged as usual.  Another close result in what has been a season of close results.

Final scores – Pittwater  4-1-25 d Lane Cove Cats 2-7-19.  Goal Scorers – Katamaneni (2).   Player’s Player – Armstrong.

Match Report Round 8: Swanson U12YG vs Pittwater Tigers U2YG

From the first bounce today you could see the team was switched on and focused on the task at hand. Some of the girls were coming back from the U14YG game so if there were any cobwebs they were removed well before our first bounce.

We welcomed Genevieve H and also Lexie W back this week after an absence last week. It was great for the team to run out with a full quota of 12, this is an occasional luxury.

The game started in a tight fashion, we went with our standard setup and both teams were playing well. There were early signs that the Cats were getting on top, our focus on early handballs was paying dividends releasing our running talent of Eliza M, Lily S and Grace O in the middle, sending the ball forward where Maia K and Jeanie N kept it close at hand. An early goal to Grace O was well deserved and what was more important was the goal celebration. We will continue to practice these at training, but the opposition was clearly put off by our antics because in the second quarter we kicked 7 goals to none. Lily S, Maia K, Lexie P, Charlie, Eliza M and Elin all hit the scoreboard hard. Pittwater did not know what had happened and the brilliant celebrations caused confusion amongst their playing group.

We changed up the team in the third quarter with Assistant Coach Emma setting the positions. Our defence in the second quarter didn’t see much of the ball so Emma swapped everyone around. It was a tight quarter with no goals scored. The important thing was our opposition’s score sheet was empty. Our defence was strong and although we were scoring goals, we were also saving them at the other end of the field.

I should mention at this point how good the umpiring in our games have been recently and today was no exception. The best judge of this is when the girls come off the ground they are never talking about decisions from the umpire which is great to see. Well done.

In the last quarter, we continued the scoring with the addition of three goals. In the end the score was 10-2-62 to 0-2-2

The improvement in this young team has been astounding over the past few weeks. We are playing as a team. Insert corny metaphor here…..

“The way to achieve your own success is to be willing to help somebody else get it first.” ― Iyanla Vanzant

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.”— Harry S Truman

I could rattle off more here, but Pittwater had no answers to the way we cleared the ball out of the ruck area. We tackled in packs, continually causing turnovers. We are learning to use our bodies when going for the ball, legally pushing the opposition away giving us clear access. I think after today everyone can see what a magnificent display of great team footy this was… Awesome work.

Proud Coach(s) and Team Manager! and Parents

Today’s fabulous game:

Players player: Jeanie

Courage: Charlie

Spirit: Grace


Charlie 2.0

Maia 1.1

Elin 1.2

Eliza 1.2

Grace 4.0

Lexie P 1.0

Lily 2.2

Thanks to David Davenport for all the great photos

Match Report Round 8: McWilliams U14YG vs Queenwood U14YG Sunday 2nd June 2019

Struck by injury, competing with Netball and Basketball rep games and playing at Middle Head at 8am on a Sunday morning, what could possibly go wrong?  First thanks to the four U12’s, and particularly their parents, who got out of bed early for the game before their own back at Blackman.  Charlie, Elin, Eliza and Lexie P. all contributed strongly and played with elan at the “higher” level.

The early start showed, with Queenwood slotting two goals before the coaching team had downed their first coffee and the Cats struggling to find attacking ground.  At quarter time it was 14-0 and coach Jemma had her work cut out reminding the team of structures and effort at the ball.  Through the second quarter, you might have imagined a gale was blowing as the ball continued to head to the same end as the Cats found some rhythm.  A goal to Emma opened the scoring and Avishi’s strong running on to the ball resulted in a second.  The backline was also dominant with Elin, Lexie and Charlie tackling and chasing every attack and Armo returning the ball into the midfield.  Half time 14-15.

The third quarter continued the trend for scoring at the Harbour end as the Queenwood team lifted the intensity again.  Despite Charlie’s extraordinary defence, cutting down players twice her size, the relentless rucking from Nat and the run out of the middle from Zerna, Tipsy and Lily, Queenwood scrambled another couple of goals.  Three quarter time 16-28.  Again the Cats were not going to lie down and came out in the final quarter full of running.  Lexie P took marks in the middle, Eliza ran strongly and Emma and Avishi kept presenting targets.  Emma put another goal through to bring the margin down to less than a goal, and with good possession in the forward line, a win for the ages looked a possibility, but the Queenwood team flooded back, defended strongly and in the end took the game.

Final scores – Queenwood 4-5-29 d Lane Cove Cats 3-5-23.  Goal Scorers – Byrne(2) and Katamaneni.   Player’s Player – Davenport.

Match Report Round 7: U12YG Swanson vs North West Lightning U12YG Sunday 26th May 2019

From the 2019 Oxford English Dictionary

Definition: so close

Pronunication: /sssoooo kləʊz/ used emotionally with a sense of melancholy

Origin: Australia 21st Century. Used to describe the Cats Swanson’s team narrow loss to the North West Lightning.


  1. This was the best game our team has played. In the most part we played as a team and was so close to achieving the win. Only having 10 players on the field and having to take 2 of their players made the game really difficult, but our team stepped up and took on the challenge.
  2. Our focus for the next few weeks is using handballs more often to get out of tight situations. This will encourage better team work and allow us to move the ball more efficiently. The team was so close to achieving this goal, and was light years better than last week.
  3. Maia K’s (players’ player) goal in the first quarter will be so close to winning our goal of the year. She had 50m ahead of her so ran hard to avoid the approaching defence. She was going to tap the ball on the ground, but decided to bounce the ball perfectly and fire a kick home!
  4. Lily S and Eliza M were so close to being best on ground with Lily S playing the best game I have seen from her. She led the way with lots of handballs and 2 goals. Eliza M tried her hardest to get the team over the line for the win.
  5. Charlie D was so close to kicking 4 goals. She kicked 3! This would have been her largest haul for a single game. She was everywhere in the forward line and constantly terrorised the opposition’s defence
  6. Grace O and Lexie P were so close to taking a great mark at full stretch. They both continued to find plenty space and tackled hard all over the ground.
  7. Sami Z was so close to giving away a free kick dragging one of their players off the ball. The umpires missed it, but Mum on the sideline didn’t, half yelling out before realising that silence was a virtue at this time. Sami Z showed no signs of her shoulder injury the previous week and gathered plenty of ball.
  8. North West Lightning was so close to scoring more goals if it wasn’t for Elin L in defence building a brick wall for them to climb over. We talk about goals being scored a lot but not very often about goals being saved and these are equally as valuable.


  1. Lizzy Y and Jeanie N were always so close to their opposition player. They didn’t give them an inch of space. Both have improved so much in the past weeks increasing their confidence over the ball.


Onward to next week where we will continue to enjoy our footy, plays as a team, tackle hard and look forward to that elusive win. Go Cats!

Players player: Maia K
Courage Lizzy Y
Spirit Lily S

Charlie 3.0
Maia 1.0
Eliza 0.1
Lexie 0.1
Lily 2.0
Opposition 2.5

North West Lightning 8-6-54 Lane Cove Cats 7-7-49

Match Report Round 7: U14YG Swanson vs Canada Bay Cannons U14YG Sunday 26th May

As the eternal summer continued, the U14Gs lined up against the Canada Bay Cannons for the second time this season.  After a narrow loss in Rd 1, the Cats were keen to make amends away from home.

With only eight players fit and available, an open game against a closely matched opponent was the order of the day and provided a great opportunity to show off some developing skills and team structure.  The first half was an entertaining affair, with the team playing aggressively and finding each other in the open spaces in attack and marking up nicely in defence.  Burna scored the opening two goals with some impressive leads and Avishi’s strength and attack on the ball made space in front of goal which led to the third.  In the midfield Nat was relentless at the ruck, winning the vast majority of the hitouts and laying some excellent tackles, while Tipsy and Lily shook off a night of partying to run all day, chasing in both directions and Lily took advantage of the open space to slot a long range shot for goal.  With more accurate shots, the Cats led at half time 4-2-26 v Cannons 2-5-17.

In the second half, the Cannons found their run putting Armo, Zerna and Lexie in the backline under constant attack.  To constant shouts of “mark your player” from the bench, the trio stood strong and repelled many attacks with Armo booming the ball back from the half way line.  Despite the outstanding efforts, the Cannons went in to three-quarter time with a nine point lead.  In the final quarter, Burna kicked the first goal to bring the match close, but with only minutes to go the Cannons kicked the sealer and took the win.

The crowd was delighted with the effort put in by the girls, impressing Pippa Smyth (Giants WAFL) among others – see picture.

Final scores – Canada Bay Cannons 6-7-43 d Lane Cove Cats 5-4-34.  Goal Scorers – Byrne (3), Katamaneni and Dorahy.   Player’s Player – Dorahy.

Match Report Round 6: U12YG Swanson vs St Ives U12YG 19th May 2019

From the ABC News Desk.

Juanita Phillips: “It’s been a busy period in sport. Last night the Swans were brave winners over North Melbourne 77-72. The last 5 minutes being especially frantic with North Melbourne piling on the pressure and the Swans hanging on to their slim lead. It was a well deserved win and puts their season back on track. To today’s game and the Cats played St Ives at Steve Chisholm Oval. The Cats fielded their youngest team this year. With an average age of just under 12 and the team being low on experience, it was bound to be a tough affair. Let’s head over to local reporter Susan Swanson for her report.”

Swanson: “Thanks Juanita, yes expectations were high today. The team had reportedly trained well during the week and with the return of Charli G and Lexie W to the team, after a long lay off with injury, everything was certainly heading in the right direction.”

Juanita: “In addition to that I hear the team looked great today.”

Swanson: “Thats right Juanita, there was a formal photo session just before the game, so as they ran on to the field today, they were all in tip top condition, fingernails cut, hair glowing and all their clothes beautifully white. It wasn’t long before this changed though as it was a rough and tumble first quarter of the game. Grace O and Lily S were fast in the middle of the ground with Lexie W winning most of the tap outs from the centre. Grace O kicked a great first goal, but at quarter time the Cats were down as the taller St Ives team took all the opportunities provided.”

Juanita: “What changes did the coaching staff make to the team after quarter time?”

Swanson: “The defence of Elin L and Jeanie N was strong in the first quarter and Lexie W was leading the hitouts so no changes were made there, but the coach moved the rest around to great effect. Charlie D and Lizzy Y were strong in the middle & Charlie D scored a goal in the third quarter with some brilliant footwork. Lizzy Y was unlucky to miss a goal from in front. She did all the hard work and just couldn’t urge it through the big sticks. Eliza M played from the half-forward line covering lots of ground and ended up with the highest tackle count in the team. Genevieve H, playing her second game of the day, flew under the radar of their defence winning the ball all over the field. Maia K terrorised from the forward line, continually putting pressure on their defence and was unlucky not to score a goal.”

Juanita: “Did the cats reduce the margin?”

Swanson: “No unfortunately not.. During the rest of the game the St Ives team increased the margin with the final score being 9-8-62 to the Cats 3-3-21. Lexie P was the players player, she had an outstanding game, the best this season scoring a goal and showed clean hands all game. A special mention must also be made of Sami Z who played the hardest game seen by the coaching staff. She was thrown and had to come off with a sore shoulder. I am sure the match review officer will have a good look at this one.”

Juanita: “The Cats are now 2 and 4 for the season, do you think they will bounce back?”

Swanson: “It’s only early in the season and the young team has been improving with every game, so from what I saw today, there are plenty of exciting opportunities ahead. The atmosphere at the ground was amazing. At my count there was at least 23000 at the ground to watch the game. This team has a future.”

Juanita: “Thanks Susan, All of the images in this report were from David Davenport now in other news…..”

Players Player: Lexie P

Courage: Sami

Spirit: Jeanie

Charlie D: 1.1

Grace : 1.1

Lexie P: 1.0

Lizzy: 0.1