Match Report Round 11 – U8 Menzel Sunday 1st July

What an amazing morning for Team Menzel – the sun was up early and the lads got warmed up, knowing that we are not good with a cold start. Last weeks scrappy win and talking to them in the sheds mid week saw the boys arrive with more focus and determination than ever.

With us well and truely past the mid season point, we are starting to see some increased skill, team work and ball movement that would give many of the U9 teams a run for their money. With only 2 games to go, we have an exciting opportunity to be branded the “Baby Cats” as this group is starting to remind me of some of the greatest teams from the 90s and 00’s in the AFL. In 2000 there was one team that some have nominated the best premiership team of the century, I have to say, our group may prove to be the best of the ’00s! Here is a clip for the boys to watch and get inspired over the coming weeks while we are on school break;

I was very proud that Hamish and Ethan stepped in at such late notice due to some of the boys being sick or away, we missed them, though these two lads made team Menzel proud – well done.

We have a couple of games to go, I am looking forward to all the boys skills come together for these final games and our push for the premiership. Please keep an eye out for some future mails, I would like Team Menzel to watch a couple of games of U10 Team Dangerfield. This is one of Lane Cove Cats strongest teams, who have great camaraderie and led by some awesome coaching staff. It will highlight to the boys a winning spirit and what to look forward to in the coming years. More to come on this.

There is a Team Menzel WhatsApp group so parents can share pictures of the kids, if you are not on it, please text me on my mobile.

Lastly, if any of the kids are not sure of the team song, here is a link; nothing beats hearing the boys scream this at the top of their voices after a win!

Until next time, GO CATS!!

Match Report Round 11 – U12YG Swanson Sun 1st July

A pinch and a punch for the first day of the month. It was so cold that we all needed this to kick start our morning. The Auskickers gave us a fantastic guard of honour to celebrate Elin’s 50th game for the club. The first quarter was really close as both teams felt each other out. Mosman has the better of the first quarter and converted one chance to lead. Our tackling was first class, with Charli G, Eloise and Charlotte Z all leading the way. Lexie W was also winning the ruck again which gave our quick midfielders plenty of opportunity.

Lily D and Charlotte A were outstanding in the second term. When the ball went forward it just rebounded back again which gave Annabelle plenty of opportunities which eventually resulted in our first goal. We were still trailing at half time, but we were al confident that if we could continue to get our hands on the ball we could score. In the second half, Olive, Lexie P,  Lily S, Lucy and Grace all outstanding, whilst Amber, Elin, Emma, and Isabelle tried hard in the middle to keep the ball moving forward. Charli D was great in defence continually marking their big kicks forward and returning these up field. We welcomed Izzy W back after a break and she contributed all over the field.

At the end of the game, we didn’t quite make it, but given we had 6 subs and only 12 on the field, everyone was really patient.

Better luck next week

Match Report Round 10 – U9 Hawkins Sunday 24th June

A Sunday like no other, Hawkins took on U9 Cats rivals Team Selwood. The boys were excited for the game and the chance to battle against their mates at Blackman Park. The early frost made for a challenging warm up, but once the game was under way the boys switched into gear. Our first quarter was a highlight with the boys having an immediate impact on the scoreboard. We won the clearances from the centre and our forwards created some good spacing to allow a flow of shots on goal. By the end of the 1stquarter Dylan O’Dowd had 4 goals next to his name and Hawkins were in control.

From there the balance of the game evened out and we had a great contest for the last 3 quarters. Both sides fought hard for the ball and put pressure on the opposition when they had it. For Team Hawkins we were able to get some good drive out of the middle, Harvey King found a lot of the ball in space, Zak Evans was terrific with his pressure, Felix Boyle attacked the ball and played his best game and Noah Tops & Angus Moten took several marks to ensure we were able to build the ball up from our defence and deliver into our forwards.

The longer the game went the more vocal the parents became. The team messages to the boys about staying aware of the ball in the field and moving to be more in line with it, Hawkins were able to extend our advantage and enjoy a great team result. One particular highlight came late in the game when Harvey King chased down Harry Arnold and laid a great saving tackle. It exemplified not giving up! Thank you to Genevieve Hynes for helping us out for a game, it was great to have you out there.

Having worked with the boys from both sides for the last 3 months at training, I was very pleased with the skills and improving understanding of the game of AFL. The boys are competitive, but play fairly. Keep encouraging your son to practice kicking, marking and handballing at home or the park. The repetition will assist them on game day.

Best Defensive Play Award: Zak Evans. Best Team Player Award: Harvey King.


LCC code of conduct

This club is run by hard-working volunteers. This is people like our Auskick coordinators, who arrive at Blackman Park before the crack of dawn to help get Auskick set up and ready before hundreds of kids to arrive. Or our junior coaches, who rush home early from work during the week to help coach the kids the vital skills of AFL. Or our general club hands, who give up their entire morning to help set up and pack up the field for all the junior games that weekend.

People who give up their valuable time to create an environment that allows children to play a sport they love, while at the same time developing some life long skills.

It’s also a club that prides itself on it’s inclusive environment, an environment where everyone is encouraged to do their best while having fun playing this great sport and about players showing respect to their fellow team-mates.

We ask that children  be a team players,  play by the rules, control their temper and never argue with an umpire or club official.

Therefore there is no place for players who ridicule others or use foul language towards team-mates, officials or club volunteers.  This is clearly outlined in our code of conduct.

While it’s not a common occurrence within our club we feel that a reminder to all at this stage of the season is timely.

We will be cracking down on this type of behaviour for the remainder of the season. Players will be disciplined (such as being benched or missing awards) if they breach this code of conduct

We will also be developing a roster with key responsibilities for players during training and game day. This will be targeted towards the older age groups within the club as they are the club leaders and need to be setting an example for our younger members to look up to and follow.

If you hear or see any behaviour that you feel goes against the club ethos please feel free to let a club official know so it can be dealt with accordingly. At the same time if you see one of our wonderful young juniors going above and beyond or setting a great example be sure to let them know they are doing a great job.



A Giant is coming to town

We are lucky enough to have AFLW Giants captai Amanda Farrugia visiting the club this week.

She will be attending the girls training session today at Blackman Park. Due to other commitments, she won’t be arriving to near the end of the session. But we will get her to impart some of her wisdom on the girls during some final drills.

Amanda will also spend some time talking to the girls. Not only is she the captain of the Giants team, she is a full time PE teacher at the Lady of Mercy College. As a consequence, she is a big supporter of girls involvement in sport.

If you can’t make it tonight, them please take some time to read this article she wrote earlier this year. She talks about healthy living through sport, and the passion it can ignite a new side to them they didn’t know existed.


Match Report Round 10 – U12YG Swanson Fri 22nd June

Great to see so many parents and family members out to watch our U12 YGs play St Ives on Friday night at a cold Acron Oval.
The game was played in good spirit, and the cold was quickly forgotten about by the players, with lots or running and determined play.
We started off the back foot in the first quarter, and the opposition were playing better as a team, with some well timed kicking and marks keeping the ball in our defensive half.
A motivational talk by our stand in coaches, Jemma and Jono at the break saw a change of heart. The theme was ‘go for the ball’ rather than stand back and let the opposition take it.
With some slight changes in positions, we saw some well timed passes toward the forward zone in the second quarter, and ultimately a goal by Lily S, as play of the day which turned the whole game.
From then on, our team mostly dominated the play.  Great to see Olive and Maia chasing the ball down on many occasions, not standing back, and well deserving of the team awards.
Great defensive effort by Emma, Charlotte A, Lucy and Lily D, with support from players like Lexie P, and Charlotte Z and Eloise at different stages of the game. Some well timed and impressive kicking from Emma up to half the length of field, helped to keep the ball out of our defensive zone.
Grace, Eloise, Annabelle and Elin ran and ran the whole game, and have significantly improved over the season, playing their best games.
There were moments where we were defended well, including a sandwich tackle on Annabelle that wouldn’t be foreign to a rugby game. I think Annabelle was a little shaken, but some supportive words from her dad at the break helped her fire again.
Lexie W played well in the centre position winning the majority of the ball ups, with plenty of spring in her jumps, and great variation in the direction she tapped the ball our to our centre players.
Our forwards received a lot more ball in the second half, and Isabelle O was there in the thick of play and helped contribute to many of the scoring opportunities we had.
After the game, we shared St Ives special ’sausage sangas’ with our friends at St Ives who played very well, and who convincingly beat us this time last year.

The Week Ahead (20th June – 26th June)

20th June
Youth Girls training! 17:00-18:00 @ B2

21st June
Youth Boys training! 17:00-18:00 @ B3/4

Round 10 Begins

Friday Night Football (22nd June)
18:30 St Ives U12YG vs Lane Cove Cats U12YG Swanson @ Acron Oval

24th June
Who’s playing at the Cattery (Blackman Park)
07:45-09:00 Auskick

08:30 Lane Cove Cats U9 Selwood vs Mosman Swans U9@Blackman Park 4
08:00 Lane Cove Cats U8 Menzel vs Mosman Swans Red U8@Blackman Park
08:30 Lane Cove Cats U9 Hawkins vs Lane Cove Cats U9 Selwood@Blackman Park 4
09:15 Lane Cove Cats U10 Ablett vs Pittwater Tigers Yellow U10@Blackman Park
09:15 Lane Cove Cats U10 Dangerfield vs Pittwater Tigers U10@Blackman Park
10:10 Lane Cove Cats U12 Duncan vs Western Suburbs Magpies U12-2@Blackman Park

Who’s away this week

08:30 North Ryde Dockers U8 vs Lane Cove Cats U8 Cockatoo@ ELS Hall 3
12:35 Miranda Bombers U13 Div 2 vs North Ryde / Lane Cove U13 Div 2@Waratah Park
09:15 Western Suburbs Magpies U13-2 vs North Ryde/Lane Cove U13-2@ Wagener Oval
13:05 Mosman Swans Red U11-3 vs Lane Cove Cats U11 Taylor@St Lukes Oval

Match Report Round 9 – U9 Hawkins Sunday 17th June

Our first game on the synthetic grass at Blackman, was a welcome change for the boys as we took on the Leichardt Cygnets for the 2ndtime this season. On a cold morning with a strong wind, we won the toss and kicked with the breeze. Both sides hit the scoreboard early, yet the ability to clear the ball from the stoppage proved our biggest challenge. We over used the ball in close and too often some of our better players tried to break tackles, rather than take the first option. When we did move the ball quickly, our forwards were ready and went to work, with 2 more goals to take control at the first break.

With Leichardt now having the aid of the breeze, we set up to stop the possible flood of opposition forward entries and this worked really well. The boys were disciplined to the structure and we maintained our advantage at the half time break. That said, I felt Leichardt were outplaying us with their aggression and tackling, but went unrewarded from the umpire.

Our third quarter was a genuine response from the boys, taking their tackling and attack to a new level. Some of the repeated defensive efforts from Dylan O’Dowd with 4 tackles in 20 seconds the highlight. Our forwards finished off the work and we piled on 34pts for the quarter.

The last quarter was a repeat of the 2nd, with Team Hawkins stopping the efforts of the Cygnets with some smart positioning, ensuring the song was sung loud at Blackman. Some special mentions to Dylan Fleischer and Xavier Byrne who both played their best game for the season.

Best Defensive Play Award: Dylan O’Dowd. Best Team Player Award: Hudson Savage.


Meet Giants player Zac Langdon at training

We are lucky to have Zac Langdon visting the club this week.

He’ll be on hand to help out with some drills at Thursday’s training session, before hanging around to have a chat and sign some autographs.

Mature-age forward Zac Langdon has been a revolution this year for the Giants. He was selected at pick 56 in last year’s NAB AFL Draft and made his AFL debut in round one, kicking three goals in his first two games.

His game went to another level against Adelaide in round 6. His tallies of three goals, 13 disposals, seven contested possessions, seven uncontested, eight tackles and two inside 50s were all career-best statistics in a telling contribution to the Giants’ first win at Adelaide Oval.

Zac Langdon is a ready-made small forward who was drafted out of the WAFL playing for Claremont. He has huge endurance and showed enormous determination to make it on an AFL list. He has elite running and foot skills and is a highly-skilled player who pushes hard to impact up the ground as well as in the forward 50.

Match Report Round 9 – U12YG Swanson Sun 17th June

We arrived to a very cold and windy Blackman Park. There will be no reward for any kicks toward the river end today as this was right into the teeth of the breeze. We were playing the Manly Bombers who convincingly beat us in the first round of the season, so today would prove a good gauge for the team. Todays captain, Lexie chose to run into the breeze and the game was quickly underway. The Manly side possessed the ball extremely well and put our defence under lots of pressure early. Charlotte A and Lily D had lots of ball repelling all of their attacks. Kicking back into the wind was hard and play remained in our defensive 50.

In the second quarter the play was more balanced with Anabelle, Amber, Lily S and Charli and getting their hands on the ball. At half time we were a couple of goals down but feeling positive about the second half. Manly were very good at collecting the ball and hand passing out of traffic this is a skill that as a team we can certainly improve on. Again our defence was highly involved with Charli D stopping lots of kicks forward. We saved our best quarter for the last. Emma was using the wind to get long kicks away down field, this helped us get the ball into the middle where through a series of hand balls Lucy slotted our first goal. When we were able to get our hands on the ball, the girls worked well as a team matching the classy Manly side. We have seen such a huge improvement so far this year and its only half way through the season. The Manly coach commented after the game what great spirit it was played in and how well our players had played for Manly ( we lent them 2 players). I think this shows how much passion the girls show for the game and we all should be very proud of this. We didn’t get the chocolates today but we all had lots of fun and are looking forward to next week.

Go Cats