Auskick Report Round 11 – 1st July

Hi Auskickers,
Great session today with the children showing a massive amount of development from where we were 10 weeks ago – the kicking has improve greatly and with the smaller teams for the games everyone is starting to understand it a lot better.
Today’s Best on Ground winners will have bragging rights for the next 2 weeks as we move into the school holidays bye rounds – well done to Parkes Cramey and Simon Campbell who both displayed great teamwork during the drills as well as the game.
As mentioned today the Sports Legends Lunch is fast approaching – it is an awesome day and we have great sporting talent as our guests.
Bookings (and further details) can be made on the below link;
Enjoy the 2 weeks break and we will see you back at Auskick on Sunday 22nd July!
Make sure you remind your children that I’ve ordered a sleep in followed by breakfast in bed for you over the next 2 weeks…
Go Cats!

Auskick Report Round 10 – 24th June

That had to be the coldest start to an Auskick session yet this year – everyone’s toes are still defrosting…
Well done to Eaden ‘Mr Chatterbox’ Bate for lots of talking to his teammates during the game as well as Ivy Crome for her impenetrable defensive pressure, nothing could get past her!
A special mention to Eloise Lawry and Owen Beck our Best On Ground winners from last week who I forgot to mention in the email – very deserved winners for the week!
I will circulate some details during the week for the Sports Legends Lunch so keep an eye out for it – definitely an event worth attending.
Below is a screen shot for the remainder of the season.  As mentioned previously, make sure you have the last round in your calendar for our Gala Day with games against parents, inflatable obstacle courses and trophies!  The exact schedule for this hasn’t been finalised yet but it is a longer session so just leave until midday open at this stage and I will confirm as we lock the plan in.
See you all next Sunday!

Lane Cove Cats Auskick Team light up the SCG

Well done to our lucky Auskickers who provided the Half Time Auskick entertainment for the Swans vs Eagles blockbuster on Friday night.
Whilst there were over 36k people who turned up to watch the Lane Cove Cats in action, over 1 million viewers (we think…) tuned in to watch them light up the SCG from the comfort of their couches!
A special mention to Andrew Waxman and Chris Ellis for their outstanding efforts as Coach and Goal Umpire – the Auskickers wouldn’t have enjoyed it without your commitment and enthusiams.
Go Cats!!!

Auskick Report Round 9 – 17th June

Change is hard but everyone is doing a great job getting accustomed to the new format – both weeks we’ve taken learnings that we can feedback to the AFL to help shape the future for the next generation of Auskickers so thank you to all involved!
Many wouldn’t know (and I forgot to mention today) but there were a few lucky Auskickers who were fortunate enough to play at half time for the Swans vs Eagles game on Friday night.  Well done to everyone involved, the club will be adding a few photos to Facebook for everyone to check out.  So you understand the selection process, I allocate to the eldest and those who haven’t had an opportunity yet, then work my way through the list.  Aim is to ensure we get every Auskicker a turn on the big stage during their Auskick life.
If there any of the parents who want to help get involved in the drills please email me and let me know – this will help with next week allocating stations to run so we’re a bit more organised…
FYI to those on the BBQ today, you got given ‘best meal’ award from James in the coffee van – apparently soccer burnt them yesterday so well done for delivering like ‘Heston’ without the ‘Ramsay’ colour!
Have a great week and see you all next Sunday.
Go Cats!

The Club and its People

We saw a special moment on Sunday that typifies everything Lane Cove Cats  is all about.

Aza is only six and in his first season of AFL. Son of Iraqi-Mongolian parents, he has little AFL background but has been enticed into AFL by his school mates.

He signed up in March, and his father Kamaran took the risk of Aza going straight into the U8 competition so he could play with his mates. With unbounding enthusiasm and commitment from our fabulous Auskick coach/coordinator Tony Evers, he has been improving every week.

And on Sunday  after several previous attempts he kicked his very first AFL goal on Sunday! The joy on his face as he ran to his father Kamaran at the next break for a hug was priceless.

This is what Lane Cove Cats Auskick is all about. Having fun with your mates and learning new skills.

Well done to Aza!

Auskick Report Round 8 – 3rd June

Hi Auskickers,

Outstanding effort from everyone today – children, co-ordinators and parents should all be proud of how well the pilot rolled out today so thank you everyone for your contribution!

Please send me any feedback you would like so we can help the AFL in rolling this format out next year;
What worked well
What didn’t work so well (and any recommended changes to improve)
Any other feedback you’d like passed on
Please be honest as the feedback will help shape the future of Auskick. Please also give feedback from both the children’s and the parents point of view – we want both of you having fun!

Well done to our ‘best on ground’ awards today. Isla showed great energy and enthusiasm during the new drills that was infectious across the group! Hamish displayed brilliant teamwork during the game when he went for a kick but saw a teammate open and changed to a handball, we really want to see this as it gets everyone involved.

As a reminder next week we have the week off with the long weekend. I’ve pasted a screen shot of the season to go below as a reference – make sure you get Round 16 in the diary as this is our Gala Day where we celebrate the season that has been.

Enjoy the week off and we’ll see you back at Blackman on 17th June!
Go Cats!

Auskick Report Round 7 – 27th May

It was a cold start to the morning but everyone warmed up pretty quickly once we got moving!
Team photos are now done so I will let you all know when they are finalised and we can arrange delivery/collection.
Well done to Ethan Chamberlain who showed great leadership today supporting his team mates as well as Jake Spiden with his amazing teamwork in the game – both deserving winners of the best on ground cups today!
Next week we will be supporting the AFL with a ‘new’ version of Auskick.  We are fortunate enough to have a strong relationship with the AFL and they have selected Lane Cove to pilot this from next week to the end of the year, with the vision of this rolling out to all clubs next season.  I’ll circulate more details later in the week to give everyone an idea of what to expect…
As mentioned a shout out to all of the amazing volunteers at the club – management, coordinators, parents on the tongs at the BBQ as well as all of the help parents give during the drills – without the community spirit at the Lane Cove Cats the club wouldn’t exist so THANK YOU everyone!
Have a great week and see you next weekend.
Go Cats

Auskick Report Round 5 – 13th May

Well done to all the mums today on some pretty great skills, plus for just getting out of bed on a cold morning…
I hope you have all managed to warm up and find some comfort in a block of chocolate while the kids and dad get the house in order!!
Congratulations to the 3 best on ground mums I hope you enjoy the flowers
this week.
It was great to see the Auskickers supporting the Juniors today with the Guard Of Honour for Jayden playing his 50th game for the Cats – its always good to help children in the club make great memories for fantastic achievements.
Just a reminder that we have the first round of photos next week, with details in the email I circulated on 11th May.
Thanks to those who are organised and have booked their tickets for the Soiree.  Those who haven’t please book them early this week as we need to finalise the numbers by the Friday 18th.  Make sure you come along – its just an excuse for a casual drink together!!
Photos in addition to those attached will be on Facebook this week so Like the page and you’ll see when they are updated.  It will also give you more details on what is happening within the broader Club though the Juniors competition.
See you next weekend!

Team Photos 2018

This year we are conducting our team photos sessions over the course of two weekends; 20 and 27 May.

The preliminary schedule is listed below. However, please look out for more detailed communications from you team coach/manager. All photos will be taken at Blackman Park, unless indicated otherwise below.

20 May

07:30 U8 Menzel
07:45 Auskick Team Giants
08:30 U10 Ablett
09:00 U11 Taylor
09:20 Auskick Team Cats
12:00 U12YG Swanson (Ern Holmes Oval)

27 May

07:30 U8 Cockatoo
08:00 U9 Hawkins
08:25 U12 Duncan
09:00 U9 Selwood
09:20 Auskick Team Swans
09:45 U10YG Dal Pos
10:15 U10 Dangerfield
14:00 North Ryde/Lane Cove U13 (ELS Hall)

Once again, Sports in Focus, a Manly based photographer will be managing the entire process. They do this for many junior sporting clubs, and produce a magnificent final product. A representative will be in touch to arrange times for each team to gather, in line with games they are playing over the weekend.

The photos will be available for purchase on a customised website, with plenty of options for how the photos are produced.

In fact, photos can be pre-purchased now, with discounts up to 35% if you purchase before 29 May.

Photos can either be sent to the club, or posted to your home address for an additional $5 postage fee. Photos sent to us will be available for collection from the BBQ/canteen once printed.

Click here to pre-purchase your photos now!

Auskick Report Round 4 – 6th May

Well done to all the parents for some pretty impressive skills today – the kids will have their hands full against the mums next week!  Thanks to Andy from the AFL for facilitating the session.
The children are developing well as they start to understand the game a little better.  Lane Cove Cats have been offered tickets to an upcoming game – this is a good way to help understand the sport better.
If you would like free tickets to GWS vs West Coast Eagles for next weekend 12th May at Spotless Stadium at 1:45pm then click on the following link.
Special mention to Kody O (Team Cup winner) and Sibella J (Soft Footy winner) – todays Best On Ground players.  Each week moving forward we will be have a Best On Ground award over and above the regular awards.  The idea behind this is to link Auskick to what they see on TV where teams often have players in the middle as they sing the team song – another way to continue to develop the team spirit within the club!
As always thanks again to the volunteers on the BBQ this week the help is very much appreciated by all at the club!