Lane Cove Cats Auskick Round 11 : 23rd June 2019

Hi Auskickers

Great morning this morning, good to see people ignoring the rain that was forecast, gladly it turned out to be a great day!

We’re looping back to get a bit more work on the basic skills, kicking and handballing will be the areas we’ll focus on over the next couple of weeks, just trying to bed in the skills leading towards the parents-kids game at our season ending Gala Day.

Few housekeeping items:-

the AFL School Holiday Clinic (see attached) is being held at Gore Hill Oval, on the 16-17 July from 9am-3pm. Really good chance to get the kids out of the house over the holidays. Sign up at the link here.

Double check the names if you can, if there’s no spelling changes required, don’t worry about it, if there are, please let me know.

Other than that, have a great week, we’ve got one more week before a couple of weeks off for holidays
Go Cats!

Nominations open for NAB AFL Auskick Volunteer of the Year!

NAB AFL Auskick Volunteer of the Year nominations are now open and we want to recognise those superstar Auskick volunteers that are truly ‘out of this world’!

From running super fun activities to cooking delicious barbeques – whatever your amazing volunteer brings to your Auskick experience, we want to hear about it!

Coaches, Centre coordinators, activity helpers – anyone at all that helps make Auskick amazing, tell us how awesome they are!

One winner from each State & Territory will be selected as the NAB AFL Auskick Volunteer of the Year. The winner from each State & Territory will be flown to Melbourne to be acknowledged for their contribution at the 2020 Toyota Good for Footy AFL National Volunteer Awards in May where a National Volunteer of the Year winner from each category will be announced. For more info on what’s included in the prizes for the winners, head to the website here.

Nominations close August 15th (closing 28th June for Queensland), so show your appreciation for special person today!

Thank you once again,
NAB AFL Auskick

Lane Cove Cats Auskick Round 10 : 16th June 2019

It was a true winter’s day yesterday for Auskick, well done to all the kids, and parents, who braved the conditions, hopefully everyone had fun.

A few of the other Dad’s that I spoke to were reminiscing about playing footy in conditions like that, so we nearly called a parent’s vs kids game, maybe next time…

The skills were pretty good, no doubt aided by a bit of shelter here and there in the groups by an umbrella held by a kind parent!!

We’re starting to move onto the more advanced skills now, such as kicking on the run and over the mark, so keep practicing the basics at home wherever you can.

We’re also looking at moving some of the kids within the various groups, generally based on skill level, to even it out a bit more so they are playing with a similar skill level. If you want to have a chat about this please chase me down on Sunday before or after the session or drop me an email. 

We’ve got 2 more weeks before another break for school holidays (can’t believe they’ve come around so quickly), so please keep coming out!!

Lane Cove Cats Auskick Round 9 : 2nd June 2019

Hi Auskickers

Thanks for coming out today, was a great morning again at Blackman Park. Really great to see the numbers still staying up, hopefully that continues when it gets colder…

The kids are really getting the hang of the skills, as evidenced by the number of “I know how to handball” comments I heard during the drills! The practice will certainly help them going forward.

The games are also getting a lot better, we try to rotate them in their positions during the game so they’re not stuck doing the same thing, a lot of sharing and passing to teammates going on in the Cats and Swans teams, a lot of swarms of kids following the ball in the Giants still, we’ll work on that though!

As mentioned, we’ve got next week off for the long weekend, but please keep the ball in the kids hands, take them to the park/backyard to have a kick around, just to keep their skills up. We’ll see you back at Blackman Park on the 16th June.
Go Cats!

Lane Cove Cats Auskick Round 8 : 26th May 2019

It was good to get back to a normal week this week where we could focus on working on some skills. It was a nice morning, a bit cool with a few rain drops here and there but nothing significant.

It’s really great to see the skills developing, the kids are starting to use the ball well in the games with handballs and running to space, and also working on the basic skills like bouncing, kicking, hand balling and marking during the drills.

We aim to get the ball in the kids hands as much as possible, so any parent assistance in the drills to reduce the time the kids spend waiting at the back of the group is greatly appreciated.

Few pieces of housekeeping:-

Soiree – it’s on this Friday night at The Alcott, great chance to get along and have a few drinks & nibbles with parents from around the club, not just Auskick. $45/head gets you entry, finger food and involvement in Quizmaster Dan’s famous quiz, hopefully not on obscure Geelong history this year! Book your tickets at please get them as soon as possible to we can lock down on numbers.

– Please keep supporting Tea and James in the Coffee Van, they feed money back in to the club each week as a thank you, so please get along and buy your coffee’s from them.

– If I can see the Giants parents next week, we just need to confirm some of the newer kids in the group photo from last week before sending them off to print.
Go Cats!!

Lane Cove Cats Auskick Round 7 : 19th May 2019

In the rush of photos and running around, I completely forgot to take any photo’s of the action, so apologies for that!

Just a quick couple of points:

– A huge thanks to those who helped out at the Election Day BBQ at Lane Cove Public yesterday, the lines of people from 8:30am through until about 3pm certainly were testament to the popularity and will be a great earner for the club.

– Coffee Van – I had a quick chat to James today, thanks for your support in buying your coffee’s from Tea & James, they are really appreciative, and as mentioned previously, they do feed money back into the club each week, so please keep supporting them wherever possible.

– Photos – thanks for your patience (and your kids patience!) this morning, you can order your photos here.

– Soiree – Only a week and a half left, 31st May upstairs at the Alcott, it’s a great chance to get along, get to know some of the other parents, and give some money back to the club, $45/ticket for a private bar with finger food provided. Book your ticket here.

Go Cats!

Lane Cove Cats Auskick Round 6 : 12th May 2019

Hi Auskickers
Hope you have all had a great rest of the Mothers Day today. Attached are a few photos, thanks again to all the Mum’s for coming along and joining in the games, no injuries which is always a good sign!

Couple of points coming up:-

Team photo’s are on next week and the week after, I’ll send out a schedule later in the week once it’s been finalised to make sure you can ensure the kids are looking good!-

Soiree – 31st May at the Alcott, $45 per ticket, finger food provided, book your tickets at . It’s always a great night to get along, leave the kids at home (with someone to look after them hopefully!) and get to know a few more of the parents that you’re spending Sunday mornings with

Coffee Van – please support Tea and James who are adjacent to the top, artificial turf ovals, they have supported the club for a long time and feed takings back into the club

Any questions, please let me know, otherwise, we’ll see you at Backman Park next Sunday at 7:45am for a kick to kick before starting at 8am.

Abbie Dare Round 6 Auskicker of the Year Nominee

A young Lane Cove Cats footballer has been nominated for the NAB Auskicker of the Year in Round 6. Abbie was flown to Adelaide to watch the game and had a half time interview with Hamish McLachlan on Channel 7. She is now in the running to be named Auskicker of the Year and will attend the festivities of the AFL Grand Final this season.

Peter Beck the Lane Cove Cats Auskick co-ordinator is quoted as saying “She s an absolute champion and something the club should be proud of!”

There is also a great article from the GWS Giants about her interaction with the team and specifically Amanda Farrugia.. This is a great read and an inspiration to everyone.

Well done Abbie.

Lane Cove Cats Auskick Round 5 : 5th May 2019

What better way to start Auskick this morning than to have 2 of our leading Co-ordinators in Michiel and Morgan show their flare with some demonstrations of the skill of the week in landing and falling – well done guys!

We are 5 rounds in now and the understanding of the game from the children is starting to show – the coordination is stronger, teamwork is excellent and it is great to see such big smiles and less tears!

As I mentioned today, next week is the biggest week on the Auskick calendar for the year – MOTHERS DAY!!!


What this means is all mothers get to forego a sleep in and breakfast in bed, to get to Blackman Park at 7:45 to play a game ofAuskick against their children 

There are a lot of new mothers at the club, so just to reassure you – no need to train, no need to refine the skills (there will not be any AFLW scouts there sorry), just get involved as the children love it.  The session will remain the same with the drills, then it will be a larger game with all Giants versus Giants mothers etc so it’s just an opportunity to have some fun.

For those with children in multiple groups, feel free to have both children in the same group so no child misses out – just let your coach know as we don’t want 100 versus 100 in the Giants group…

Something else I mentioned today is that the Under 8s starts next week, some of you may not be aware of what this is.  Auskick is made up of 5-8 year old children (with a little bit of flexibility either side) where we divide them into groups;

  • Giants – youngest group
  • Swans – middle group
  • Cats – oldest group

As children enter the ‘Cats’ group they have the option to break out into an Under 8s competition to learn the competitive side to AFL before they progress into Juniors.

With the Club fully run by Volunteers, as children progress so do the parents so they can stay with their children.  This means I’ll still be around the Club, but moving into Under 8s with my son so each of the Team Leaders will run their groups and Dave Groocoe will oversee things.  Dave’s been with the Club for a number of years, knows a lot about footy, great with kids, excellent leader and is a champion individual so you’re in great hands with all of the team!

A few bits of housekeeping as follows;

  • Coffee Van – can anyone who wants a coffee in the morning please make sure you purchase from the Coffee Van (not the Ice Cream van) as they support us with a donation each week so we need to give them the support back.  The Ice Cream van (who does not support us financially) has recently put in a coffee machine so please make sure you buy ALL your coffee from Tea and James at the coffee van.
  • Watches – can everyone please make sure your children don’t wear their watches to Auskick, there were a few scratches of other children today.  I understand children want to know how many steps they’ve done, so just let them know that I have said they can either add ‘oodles’ or 6000 steps at the end of the day, whichever makes them happy…
  • Lost & Found – a grey hoodie with stripes was left at Blackman Park today.  Anyone missing this please let me know.

Same as normal, be at Blackman Park next week at 7:45 for kick to kick.  Mum’s make sure to warm up, we don’t want any casualties!

Lane Cove Cats Auskick Bring a Friend 19th May

Auskick Bring a Friend is on again this year… You can register at and come along on Sunday 19th May to experience Auskick for free.

With a focus on having fun and learning the basic skills of the game, Auskick has something for everyone.

So register and bring a friend on Sunday 19th May for free and experience the wonders of AFL Auskick.