BBQ roster

We have have established a great tradition at footy games with a permanent BBQ on at Blackman Park. I’m sure you would agree, a bacon & egg roll early on a Sunday can be a godsend. Its also a vitally important as a source of fundraising for the club.

However, we need your help to keep it going. We have created a volunteer roster to help operate the BBQ over the season. Auskick currently man the BBQ until around 9:30am. This is positioned in front of the Scout Hall.

With a lot of our junior games now being played on Steve Chisholm Oval (the lower turf field), we are now asking teams to man a smaller BBQ on this oval to feed hungry kids and parents  over the lunchtime period.

We have gone through the fixtures and assigned several home teams playing BBQ duties. This will consist of 2-3 parents cooking sausages or selling drinks over 1.5 hour period that is aligned with their team playing.

Over the course of the year, it works out that no team operates the BBQ more than 4 times. When broken up withing the parent group, this should mean you only have 1 week of BBQ duties.

We think this is a small contribution of time. Remember, every cent we raise goes straight back into the club to benefit the kids.

The full BBQ fixture and a guide to how the BBQ operates and all the main responsibilities can be found on the LCC TeamApp (under documents). Here is a link to the web page version.

Rostered times will also be communicated via the TeamApp, as well your team manager or Auskick coordinator. If you can’t help, please let them know so we can roster someone else on.

Lane Cove Cats Auskick Round 3 : 7th April 2019

Some very impressive marking, ground skills and teamwork today from everyone! 

We’ve got 2 weeks of holidays now so everyone enjoy the break, we’ll next be back on Sunday 28th April.

A few points to note as follows;

  • Lost Watch – if anyone found a watch today (Calvin Klein with a silver band and dark face) please let me know ASAP so we can get it back to the owner.
  • Soiree (leave the kids at home… with a babysitter) – Friday 31st May, get your tickets with the link below.  It’s a lot of fun and a good excuse to get out for a casual drink together!
  • Volunteers – the club is entirely run by volunteers so thanks to everyone who helps out.  Coordinators, BBQ, Board, parents who help with the drills and everyone else I’ve missed – THANK YOU!
  • Diary Dates;
    • Holidays – 14/4 & 21/4
    • Round 4 – 28/4
    • Mother’s Day Game – 12/5 (for those who are new, biggest date on the calendar with a mums vs kids game!)
    • Team Photos – 19/5 & 26/5

Have a safe and fun Easter everyone and see you in a few weeks – make sure the kids get down to the park with a ball!

Go Cats!

Sydney Swans visit Lane Cove Cats @ Blackman Park

About 20 kids and a similar amount of parents arrived at Blackman Park on Monday evening, with Harry Cunningham and Toby Pink from the Swans joining us.

Answering questions like where will the Swans finish on the ladder this year (in the final), to will the Swans win the premiership (of course), and others around their daily training and recovery activities and how they’re preparing for this week’s trip down to Melbourne to play Carlton on Saturday.

They then took some drills, the Lane Cove kids impressing with their skills, as demonstrated by kicking the footy’s “by accident” onto the roof of the change rooms…

A few photos, signing of footy’s, hats and shirts (even the Richmond and Hawthorn shirts) was then followed by a bit more kick to kick, including checkside/banana kick lessons and some intense listening by the kids. A good time was had by all, Harry and Toby were both great with the kids and parents.

Lane Cove Cats Auskick Round 2 : 31st March 2019

Another great morning, it is always amazing how quickly the new children pick up the skills.  The teamwork during the games today was awesome as was the use of handball to get the ball to team mates. 

Points to note as follows;

  • Soiree – it will be held at The Alcott this year on Friday 31st May.  Definitely worthwhile attending to get to know everyone a little better, have attached the link below for tickets
  • Swans – there will be 2 of the Sydney Swans players at Blackman Park tomorrow Monday 1st April from 5:45pm
  • BBQ – I will email this week those whose turn it is on the BBQ for the coming weekend
  • Lost Keys – there were a set of keys lost today, anyone who saw or collected any please let me know
  • Registrations – I had a few queries today whether friends can still register.  Yes it is possible to register there are still a number of weeks left

Soiree Link;

See you all there next Sunday at 7:45 for kick to kick before we start!

Go Cats!

Lane Cove Cats Auskick Round 1 : 24th March 2019

Well done to all the Auskickers getting back into the season today.  It was great to see all those returning pick up the skills again and those who are new how quickly they learnt the skill of kicking.

For those who are new to AFL, it’s fine to not understand the game at this early stage, it does make more sense as the season progresses.  A good idea to help your child is to watch a few minutes of a game over the weekend when you get a chance – a lot of games are free to air on 7mate and all games are on Foxtel.  Other than that, just get your child kicking a ball (any ball) so they get used to the action.

Just a few things to note as follows;

  • Team List – I have attached the team list I used today which is based on date of birth.  If you would like your child to move groups, please email me the change you would like made and I will try to accommodate.
  • Facebook – if you’re on Facebook it’s a good idea to follow the Club as it will keep you up to date with what is happening at the club.  There will also be different photos from the attached for you.
  • BBQ – I will get a roster done this week and confirm with those who will need to ‘volunteer’ this week.  You’ll only have to do it once (one person per family) in the season so thanks in advance to everyone.
  • Registrations – I have put the link below as there is still time to register for those who would like to invite a friend to join in.
  • Rubbish – please put your rubbish in the bin or take it home with you.  We’re a community club and want to keep the place clean for the other sporting clubs using the facility.

Next week we will be working on the skill of Handball.  Get there at 7:40am for a warm up before we start at 8am.  We will go through a little longer like we did today and finish at about 9:15 so see you there.

Lastly, well done to all of the Award winners for this week, very deserving as some great skills, teamwork and sportsmanship on display today!

Go Cats!

Auskickers, bring a friend and meet the Sydney Swans

We have a treat in store, with some star members of the Sydney Swans scheduled to visit the club. We would encourage all Auskickers to attend this session. Better still, bring a friend and show them how much fun Auskick is!

We will be holding a special Auskick training session on Monday 1 April. The players talk with our parents and kids from the club at the Scout Hall at Blackman Park. We then plan to venture out onto the field so that the boys and girls can get some advice on kicking and handballing. Kids will then have the opportunity have a selfie with the Sydney Swans players and get some jumpers or hats signed.

Please make sure you are at Blackman Park by 5:45pm.

Event: Sydney Swans Club Visit
When: Monday 1st April
Time: 5:45pm-7.00pm
Where: Scout Hall, Blackman Park

PS: Junior club members are more than welcome to attend.

Tell your friends how cool Auskick is

At Lane Cove Cats, we run one of the best Auskick programs in Sydney. Our coaches have been awarded the best Auskick coordinator of the year award (Sydney North) in four of the past six years

This year we have a crack team of volunteers who are champing at the bit to start teaching this great game to your sons and daughters.

We are a family friendly club and encourage parents to get involved. You can cheer from the sidelines as well as help during the drills – some children need some support from their parents while they are learning the game. Check out this video of the fun things we did in 2018.

However, the 2019 season isn’t far away so if have any friends that are considering joining, let them know how great the program is at Lane Cove Cats.

Season 2019 details

Season kick off: Sunday 24th March
Time: 7:40am (kick to kick) for 8am start, until 9am
Location: Blackman Park (Lloyd Rees Dr, Lane Cove West)

To register, please lick on the following link

Auskick just around the corner

The 2019 season isn’t far away so for all of the new members of the Club below are some of the main details for the season ahead.

Round 1: Sunday 24th March
Time: 7:40am (kick to kick) for 8am start, until 9am
Location: Blackman Park (Lloyd Rees Dr, Lane Cove West)


you will be allocated a Jumper, Shorts and Socks on Round 1. The socks will be yours to keep however the Jumper and Shorts will need to be returned at the end of the season.


Either sports shoes or football boots are fine, it is your choice what you want your child to play in.

Activity Helpers

Anyone who will be able to assist with the drills please send me an email as I am finalising the team over the coming weeks. It doesn’t matter about your level of skill and the more parents involved the easier it is as we are a Club run be volunteers.

For those who are new to the club there is no training during the week for Auskickers. All skills training is done on Sunday mornings, followed by a game in groups of children the same age.

Over the coming weeks, try to kick a ball (doesn’t have to be a footy, any ball is fine) with your child to start working on the hand-eye coordination, it will help them start the season if this is their first year. We are a family friendly club so parents can cheer from the sidelines as well as help during the drills – some children need some support from their parents while they are learning the game.

Below is a link for last season in review as a reminder for the ‘veterans’ of the Club, and an insight into what to expect from Auskick for the children who are registered for their first year.

For those who haven’t registered yet, please do this as soon as possible so we can arrange all of the uniforms – the link is below and feel free to forward this onto your children’s friends.

Watch Giants AFLW take on North

Head along to Drummoyne Oval to watch the Gaints AFLW team take on North Melbourne this Friday 8 Feb.

Entry is free and there will be plenty of entertainment outside of the main game. This includes our own team of little Auskickers, who will be playing at halftime.