Thank you

As a 100% volunteer-run community sporting club, we rely on the generosity of our sponsors and our members. This year has been particularly challenging, with the global pandemic causing great hardship for many in the community.

Therefore it’s great to see people still dipping into their pockets. One fundraising effort we have focused on this year was the Toyota Good for Footy raffle. Thanks to the support from Toyota, 100% of the proceeds from tickets sales go back to the club.

And we’re are proud to announce that we have raised $1,020 from this raffle.

These funds will continue to be ploughed back into the club, benefitting you and your family. You may have seen our new trailer at Blackman Park. This is essentially our new mobile command centre. The LCC BBQ is contained inside, as well as all the equipment required to run a successful day of games on Steven Chisholm Oval.

However, the costs of running the club haven’t gotten any lower. So we are looking to continue our fundraising efforts this year. Please stay tuned more for more information on this front in coming weeks.