Match Report Lane Cove Cats Blicavs vs Balgowlah Suns Friday 24th July 2020

We were so fortunate to have had the boys play out their round 2 fixture on Friday evening at Balgowlah Oval as opposed to Sunday when the weather was less settled. 

I’d like to say it was another game of Champagne Football to celebrate the start of the weekend but it looked more like Pinot Grigio (the mums tell me!).  On the football field, it was a very tight tussle, with the Suns out of the blocks early, we all knew from the side lines that it was going to be a tough game. 

Unlike the previous week where it was clean footy with silky skills, this week it was the opposite.  For the players, it was all about rolling up your sleeves and digging in to get the ball from the bottom of the pack!  The Suns were a great tackling team, not minding the hard stuff around the ball.  Our boys were not shy of the contest and managed to keep pressure through the midfield and eventually found ways to support the forwards with accurate kicking to targets. Our boys were also willing to back themselves into their running game, ultimately paying dividends.  The boys were the better team in the end, not because they won more hard balls or placed more tackles than the opposition, quite the contrary, that was even.  It was because Team Blicavs held their structure when it counted.  They were also not afraid to take the game on, making more opportunities for run and carry.  They broke tackles and found team mates when it mattered, playing their own style of footy despite the opposition pressure.  Here’s to U9 Blicavs for persistence in trying circumstances!

Special mention must go to Billy Kerrison who kicked a bag of goals, one in particular a dribbler. Spectacular goal!  Billy’s dad Trevor tells me Billy was dribbling them through since Thursday, possibly explains why he was off school too. Nevertheless, Billy was a constant threat to the Suns defenders, holding his position close to goal when he was forward and also being a rock in defense, marking and repelling everything the Suns could throw at the Cats.

I am not sure who Jack Phillips is more like as a footballer, Dusty Martin or Toby Greene. If last week he dialed up Toby, this week he dialed up Dusty less the tough stickers! There were “don’t argues”, crunching tackles and most importantly beautiful accurate kicks to targets and he just kept on giving 110% to his team mates.  Top marks to you Jack, you get the brussel sprouts this week after the session at the parlour!

If Jack was that good then Jake Spiden was not far behind.  When everyone else was fumbling in the conditions and from the pressure, Jake S was clean and crisp….or is that Cripps…don’t know but either way he played on instinct and look so dangerous running out from the back third, attacking the ball and backing himself in, must have broken a thousand Suns hearts repelling almost every forward thrust they had. Jake S racked up mark after mark and was in everything. This week he had the right mouth guard in all game and it paid dividends for a great performance.

Sammy Nugent was in the game early helping around the forward third with his voice and applying pressure on the opposition with deft tackling and keeping in space to present options to his team mates.  Keep it up Sam you get better every week.

Someone else who gets better as the season progresses is Ed Callaghan.  I really liked his game and what he brought to the contest. While he was happy to get into the heat of the contest, Ed decided that he could run too! Looking more like a midfielder this week than the star forward from the previous week. Keep it up Ed!

Now we all know that where there is Ed there is Jordy Spinks! If Ed and Jake Mears were bringing the run to the midfield, then it was Jordy who brought the toughness to the park, reminded me of Brett Kirk….not pretty but effective, particularly in the slippery conditions, locking in the ball, bullocking, tackling hard and releasing the ball from the pressure furnace when he felt like it and the likes of Jake M, Ed and co had the crisp skills to benefit from Jordy’s bustling work.

Jake Mears loves a run and looks almost effortless when he gets into full stride. Jake M is not afraid to mix it up at the bottom of the pile either and certainly showed his class with that deft left boot and clean marking skills. Pressure footy suits Jake M as it seems to bring out that extra bit of grit and determination in him.  For someone that is so determined, that’s a lot of grit!  Friday night was his sort of game.  As too Marcus Kiley. He was not afraid of the in and under pressure cooker stuff.  Marcus put on a crackling tackle in the middle that was rewarded by the umpire.  It changed the game momentum at that time and repelled yet another Suns forward thrust.  There were some great hands shown by Marcus to give it off to Billy from the bottom of a pack resulted in a goal, a handy assist to you Marcus, for a growing repertoire.

For the second week running Ethan Chamberlain managed to have the most bounces in the game, only this time not consecutively but over numerous plays where he ran the ball with purpose from defense setting up plays further afield. Its hard not to look at Ethan when he gets the ball and runs with it, looking to influence the play and be creative.  Keep it up Ethan your enthusiasm is contagious.

Last but certainly not least our debutant Levi Von Giese.  Levi found it hard to get a word in in the huddle pre-game but he let his boots do the talking during the game setting up Billy with a deft pass into space resulting in a goal.  Levi kicked his first goal for Team Blicavs also in a stunning debut – Well done Levi and welcome!

Its back to Steve Chisholm Oval for 9am on Sunday.  Our team is down for dressing the fields also.  Volunteer assistance is welcome at say 8:20AM in order to be ready by 8:35 latest.