Match Report Lane Cove Cats U10 Selwood vs Manly Bombers Phantoms Sunday 26th July

The only thing more relentless than the rain on Sunday, was the determination of the Lane
Cove Cats Selwood boys to get their hands on the ball. With Steve Chisholm Oval closed due to the wet weather, our game was moved up to the synthetic oval. The rain wasn’t heavy, but it was continuous. This meant that the surface was slippery, and the ball was slick, so right fr om the outset the Cats knew that if they wanted to compete, they had to have ball in hand.

From the opening bounce our mid field of Ryan, Ollie M, Archer and Jude were hard at the
ball. After a bit of a scramble the ball was in our forward zone, and our forwards were
fighting to get their hands on the ball. Ollie L took possession close to the goal, but was
tackled almost immediately, and the ball hit the deck. The Bombers were determined to get
the ball out, but Oscar, Ivan and Harry were more determined to keep the ball in our
forward zone. This allowed Ollie L to again get his hands on the loose ball, and kick his first
goal for the Cats! The effort from the whole team to get that first goal exemplified the way
the Selwood boys went about their business throughout the match.

Selwood didn’t have the entire game on their terms however, The Manly Bombers
Phantoms are a very good team. They repeatedly showed their ability to kick, mark, run and
compete, but the Selwoods’ hardness at the ball, much like that of their namesake, proved
more than a match for them. Parkes competed hard all day, got plenty of possession and
made a big contribution to the team. Ollie M continued his good form from the week
before, chasing and tackling hard, and making good use of the footy when he got it. Our
birthday boy Aza, wasn’t quite able to get a goal to help celebrate his birthday, but his fight
to get the ball, and handball off to players in space led to more than one goal.

Ivan and Jonti played with their usual ferocity, including both taking huge contested grabs,
tackling hard, and getting the ball into space. Both kicked goals when playing forward, and
but for a couple of unlucky bounces, Jonti would have had a couple more. Ryan’s speed and
sure hands were made for wet weather footy. As always he got plenty of possession, took
marks, and tackled hard.

Archer showed plenty of composure to get two goals when forward, but it was his
determination to get the ball where-ever he was playing that impressed the most. Jerry
started in defence, and joked that he hadn’t got a possession in the first quarter, However a
move into the midfield quickly fixed that, and he repeatedly got into space and got the ball
into our forward zone.

This was a game where everyone contributed. It wasn’t just our first efforts, but that
everyone across the board followed up with second and third efforts, which meant that
despite the fact that it was a bit of a scrappy game in the wet, our players were able to
dominate the game. Manly was able to score, but every point they got required them to
overcome a committed defence. The hardness right across the team made for some very
proud parents and coach.

Even though this was a whole team effort, there was one player who stood out all game. His
determination to get to the ball was enormous. If he didn’t win the ball with his first effort,
he followed up, with second, third, fourth and fifth efforts. He scored two goals when
forward, defended and tackled when in defence, and got the ball forward when in the
midfield. It made giving the coaches award to Oscar this game a very easy decision. To stand out in a game where everyone played well is even more impressive, Awesome work Oscar!

A super game from Selwood this week. Round 3 against the Willoughby Wildcats is set to be a cracker!