Match Report Lane Cove Cats U11 Ablett vs Leichhardt Cygnets Sunday 26th July 2020

Team Ablett’s trip to Glover Street Oval was a none-too-subtle reminder that Footy is a winter sport. What was only a little drizzle on the car trip, turned into driving rain during the warm-up drills, then a deluge during the first quarter, but dropped back to mere heavy rain for the remainder of the match. Despite the weather, we had a full team with only a couple of players out to help out the U12s, and it was pleasing to see the boys literally hopping with excitement to get out there. Or perhaps they were hopping up and down to stay warm?

Coach Roger in his pre-match address highlighted the points emphasised from training of getting the ball forward, minding the opposition player and to be cognisant of the conditions. Captain Zak Evans led his team onto the field. From the centre-bounce it was obvious that Lane Cove were in a separate class to the opposition, and the ball lived in the Cats forward line. The 58-0 first quarter score meant the mercy rule was invoked early on. Thereon it was only a matter of ensuring our Cats remained focussed on the game and also provided the opportunity to play the boys in different positions.

Goals were scored by Harry Arnold (2), Xavier Coker, Zak Evans (2), Jude Lumley, Olly Meichen (2), Angus Moten, Dylan O’Dowd (2), James O’Dowd (2), Lucius Pimpini, Hudson Savage (4) and Lewis Thame, but the contribution was across the board.

Best Defensive Play was Angus Moten who thrilled coaches and spectators with his cover and run off half-back, and his forward 50 entries were outstanding. Olly Meichen won Play of the Day for his two goals and tenacity, although he would count three goals, the last of which had the Cygnets list managers sniffing around him. Best Player was Hudson Savage whose ability to get it out of the centre contests and his finish in front of goals was superb.

Despite the weather, the game was enjoyed by players, parents and officials, and the team beat back the rain with their rousing team song. Team Ablett play their first home game on Steve Chisholm Oval next Sunday at 11:15am against Balgowlah Suns Red.