Lane Cove Cats Auskick Week 2 Sunday 26th July

Hi Auskickers

We had 45 of you braving the conditions this morning, and while we got a little bit wet, it wasn’t that bad once we were running around, and it just made the egg and bacon rolls that much nicer after the session!

We’re getting there on the skills, I saw some great kicks, handballs and marks across all the groups which is really reassuring to see. Hopefully everyone is tucked up in front of the heater having a quiet afternoon.

Couple of great goals from long range in all the groups as well, it was very nice to see a few handballs and working the ball around to get our teammates in better positions.

There were a few “solo” efforts, so if all parents can encourage some sharing, handballing, etc that would be great. Just a gentle reminder, there is no tackling in Auskick/Under 8’s, and we need to remember to stay on our feet as much as possible, touch in wet conditions like today, but we don’t want to be falling over and injuring ourselves or our opponents.

The Under 8’s comp is likely to kick off in 3-4 weeks, with just a 4-5 week season, so anyone who is interested in that please let me know. As I said, if any of the current U8’s are keen to try out U9’s, we are a bit short in one team so please let me know